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    Standing By

    I wrote this out around 2003 or '04. I had a more polished version of it, but one of the guys must have kept it. It has never truly been finalized and has always been in a state of flux. It probably needs to be fleshed out and expanded upon. At the end of the third verse, the last two lines travel down a bridge with increasing tempo to crescendo at the end. Most of the variations of this song were rooted in a folky jam band sound. This began during times when the wars were beginning after the turn of millenium. (It is inspired by a conversation I had while waiting for a bus) I wonder if it holds any relevance. I know that most of the lines don't rhyme, but they fit together. This may have been around the time I began to discover Bukowski, where it's not so much about structure and rules as much as it is about content and communication. It was written with musical instruments as active members of the creative process, so it has been functional. Every vocalist that tried this song out has had a different approach, and they tend to change some words or phrases to fit their style.
    With all of that explained, I am interested in initial reactions to the lyrics, thoughts, etc. I am wondering if it still holds any relevance. I am seeking inspiration to flesh it out. Any feedback will be appreciated.

    I took a minute to share some words
    with a lonely drunken street scum bum
    He told me 'bout a dream he once had
    where the world was so perfectly sad

    No one had to stand up for their rights
    He thought they'd be good at it by now
    Because nobody that he knew of
    Was willing to do it anyhow

    He remembered the war protest gangs
    All gathered up in their raging mobs
    Screaming for peace like some scream for blood
    and they were the ones who lost all track of hope
    when they found a way to escape and cope

    but the same war still rages on
    they're giving it a new name now
    but it's the same war
    that's been going on
    long before you were born
    and your father's scared of it
    'cause your grandpop died from it
    now it's your turn to deal with it

    He stood for nothing, but he stood up
    Now he has something, but he's all broken up
    What could save him
    Not what enslaved him
    Trusted in and sickened by
    I can't stand by
    No one here is standing by

    *edits to correct typos... argh*
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    "Scum bum" sounded kind of weird to me, but I like the story teller idea. It reads more like a poem though.


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