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Thread: Where to submit a really good short story...?

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    If you think it's of literary merit, I'd recommend submitting to literary magazines and publications. Besides Duotrope, which was already mentioned, here's a site where you can peruse lit. mags in alphabetical order, to see where you want to submit: Literary Magazines and Journals :: NewPages Guide to Best Lit Mags

    Good luck!

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    I agree with the literary magazine. Try to send it to one that fits the story's theme.

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    What Kyle and costume say. The 'little lit' mags are a great market for quality short fiction and other publishers do pay attention to them. It's a good place to start building a reputation as a writer.

    And don't apologise for having confidence in your work. That's essential.
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    Garza - explain please - what is a 'little lit' magazine?

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    I think it's safe to say that Motley Press is classed as "little lit"

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    I'm coming out of a two-year hiatus that followed a four year attempt to get my "really good" short story published.

    One lesson I can share is try finding a lit mag that matches the theme and style of your story (part of my problem: I was trying to write for venues like Outside Magazine, but submitting to snobby lit mags like Cutbank).

    Otherwise, the demand isn't great for short-stories.

    Thus I'm looking for alternatives to lit mags (which is why I've come to this forum), which is something you might want to consider. Know anything about 'ereader'?

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