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    First one for comment

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Name:	Darwin Eclipse.jpg 
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ID:	3343 This is one of a series I took during the last partial eclipse. I initially wanted to try and get rid of the colours from the ring, but the more I look at it, the more I like the warmth they seem to bring to the composition...thoughts?

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    My thoughts (for what they are worth)... Photography is an art, and you as the artist are allowed to do whatever it is that makes it work for you. I have taken shots that I thought were some of my best, but others don't seem to understand what it is that I saw in the subject. As long as it moves or inspires you - then it is perfect. Myself -- I like it.

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    Thanks...I guess that this Forum is a bit of a leap of faith for me. I've put up pics in other place and friends etc make the right noises, but I prefer to have some constructive input from others who do similar...and can give me some pointers on how to improve.

    I don't really like using a lot of image enhancing tools, I prefer to capture what has caught my inner eye and try and make it appealing to a wider group...does that make sense?

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    It creates a mood. I like it.
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    I like the ring, it adds to the mood, I think.
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    That's excellent, simple, understated and quite stunning

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    I barely notice the colour, but I am struck by the way the palm fronds suggest eyelashes.

    I don't know if the graininess in the ring is an artifact of the lens or filter (if you used a filter),
    but it reminds me of the SOHO images recording the impacts of high velocity particles coming from the sun.
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