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Thread: Naming Your Fatasy/Sci-Fi Characters [Disclaimer]

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    Great thread, I often have an issue thinking up names, but I've gotten better at by simply thinking up the story behind a character.

    For example, a renowned and powerful General, I give him/her a name that seems like it would command more respect, is more high-profile, etc.

    On the other hand, a trader or a pirate would have a nickname or a slang name. Frequently I'll name the captains of these ramshackle vessels 'Skip', 'Cap', etc. Shortened names their crew have given them because its an informal vessel, etc.

    Still, again, great thread and many, many great ideas and methods. I'm going to be frequently visiting this thread I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cullmeyer View Post
    Avoid names that sound like other words.
    There is a game's character whose name is Bilal. In the game's country, no problem. But I can't say his hame without laughing, because it is a slang for penis in my country! XD
    If your story becomes international, some unexpected things may happen... >3

    (Once, I created a name for a family of water controllers wizards: Suide. Sui, from the japanese ideogram for water, and ide from the suffix of animals families. I thought it was a good idea. Later, in my Vertebrates class, I found out Suide is the pigs family! LOL So, I would say "Whenever it is possible, avoid names that are other words!")
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    Non-native English speaker here! Please, forgive my eventual grammar mistakes! ^^'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared77 View Post
    If i have any say, one rule should be: NO APOSTROPHES in names. "Hi, I'm an alien and my name is K'''lytpp'kym'aa'n. But you can just call me Steve."
    I have a character in my current story; her name is Matron De'Angelo. I do not find it hard to pronounce, nor do I think it inhibits any major complaints. Although, some people may not like them, I fail to see the problem with them?

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    Forgive me if I'm wrong but is proper convention not "D'Angelo"...?

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    As I am aware of it is either way. Though most with De as the prefix use it as such DeAngelo with no apostrophe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cullmeyer View Post
    [Any likeness or similarity to any persons, character names, places, or things is entirely coincidental.]

    The tonal quality of the name carries more weight than you may think.
    Gorgal is very throaty and probably more suited for an antagonist, whereas Lyssa just slides off the tongue and may be better suited for a protagonist. Believe it or not, the resounding tone of a name has the power to illicit emotion from the reader. If a person were to be asked what they thought of the name Gorgal, they would more than likely say, "Sounds like a bad guy."
    What if the villain is female and she's supposed to be beautiful and elegant? There are beautiful female villains - my fantasy novel features one.
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    I agree. The books now a days that I read, makes it seem that the author tried too hard to have their charcater's name be different. I'll read the name and just cringe and just wonder why? Why that specific name? Honestly, if the name tries too hard I'll put the book down and never pick it back up. It's okay to be different, but don't do it to where the names are jarred.

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    Cthulhu thinks this is all beneath him.
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