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    Leon Black - Prison

    "I understand". Leon followed Nox after depositing all the medical gear in the room with the children. His men followed Luther. They were good men, he didn't doubt that they would behave.

    As they reached what appeared to be Nox's office Leon realised that he really could get on well here.

    I guess it depends how attached how they are to little Miss Bell.
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    Waterfront - Docks

    Crap only two left, it'll be a while before I run in to someone who's willing to share.

    Humanity... humanity!
    Manipulations, torture, crime... these are also part of humanity... thought Enver.
    Enver's men were approaching from across the dock, probably about something trivial. He came down the dock for a bit of peace and chit chat, not to be clung to like some parent by his needy children. He could feel a cold, steely rage work its way up his spine.
    The Covenant he established, including Greer, was a ring of adjudicators that were meant to micromanage the minor ins and outs of his faith, but were often too afraid to make their own decisions in case they evoke his rage. Enver was not a hateful man, but his manipulatively calculating mind offset many. The fear he inspired backfired sometimes, and alas, even Machiavellian thought had its disadvantages.
    "They are coming," he said to Des, "they represent a group of fanatics. Please, let me handle this."
    The two men stopped behind Enver. He eyed them just inside of the periphery of his eye. He waited just a split second before they could kneel down and speak.
    "What are the likes of you doing here?" he said, corrosively, his right hand reached behind his back.
    "S-" one of them hesitated.
    "God does not exist. The Prophet speaks lies and your actions kill women and children, and yet you come here, here, at this time of night and approach me?!" Enver said abruptly.
    Both men stood, shocked and confused, and so Enver, not even looking towards them, continued.
    "I recognized you, what is your name, Rush, right?" he said to the man to the left. "Do you think God cares about you? Do you think God would love such a spineless, needy, childish husk of a man? A man that used road kill as a way to pleasure himself?"
    Enver recalled the many, many confessions with Rush had with him, each one filled him with such disgust, contempt and glee as he heard this sack of a human being prostrate himself to Enver and spill all of his worries and sins.
    "And you," Enver said, looking into the eyes of the other man, Eddie, "do you think that a higher power would care about some [email protected]#$ eating fly that spawned a maggot like yourself?"
    Enver stared into Eddie's eyes. He saw his forehead crinkle, eyes narrow, jaw tighten, could hear the movement of the tongues in their mouths clamp about as their saliva thickened. In Eddie's eyes, he could see the betrayal and shame swirl about and ignite into rage.
    Rush hands barely reached his chest before he fell over unconscious. Enver, eyes still planted on Eddie's, beaded a pistol onto him before Rush hit the ground.
    A slug landed in one of Eddie's parietal lobes, sending bits of cortex and blood every which way.
    Enver exhaled. He took a breath, then set the safety and holstered his revolver.
    "That is the only way to deal with them." he said, remorsefully.
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    Eva Rayn was barely 15 years old. She was somewhat short for her age, and had a baby-like, delicate face. Her body was rather thin, her clothes worn and weathered so that her sleeveless right shoulder revealed blightful scar where a nine used to be. She was weak right now. Exhausted, hungry, thirsty, she could barely feel the hulking hands of the solider who pried her from the vehicle and onto her feet. An odd numbness crept into her toes and feet while she stood there admits the crowd of disowned children. The soldiers then gestured something, the intimidating woman with a holstered pistol gestured something. The small group of children began the walk into the Prison entrance, and almost mindlessly, her legs followed suit.
    "You who are the future will ensure our future." his voice, his warm voice that embraced but smothered her in those vivid sermons began to ring in her ears.
    Even as she passed through the secure prison doors, the metal bars, brick and bulb lighting gave way to a warm, dimly, candle lit prayer room where Enver had brought her and two other rather young girls. The flickering flames of a fire pit, the scent of incense, soothing soulful music, and his broad frame filling his beautifully ornate suit made him seem otherworldly.
    "Do you wish to receive a gift from the heavens?" said Enver. The girls where too shy to speak their earthly desires in front of the vessel of God.
    "Please, speak." he said, intuitively.
    "Yes." she blurted.
    A beautiful smile filled with perfect, pearl like teeth reached just shy of two perfectly rounded dimples.
    "And what about you? And you?" he said to the other girls, who nodded nervously in response.
    "Then let us begin." he said before getting up and bolting the door locked.

    The children walked through a prison wing, passing empty cell by empty cell. The air was stale, and the polished tile flooring chilled her feet through the rags that used to be shoes. The numbness that engulfed her toes and feet started in the tips of her fingers, and worked their way up. Her head felt light, her eyes seemed to bounce around in their sockets as she took each step and their words began to jumble together, colliding with those of Enver, the Saviour. She felt agony as she walked up a set of metal stairs, through long, sterile hallways and through sets of secured doors. Her mind grew more and more hazed as the comforting words smashed amongst the cacophony of echoes and conversations that spilled out between the soldiers and piercing whispers between the children.
    A dark, open door frame appears and those in front simply walked into and disappeared. She barely took three steps into the room before falling to the floor, hands and arms reaching protectively around her lower stomach where, hidden underneath rags, it rounded out in a tell tell fashion.
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    Vidar - City Centre

    Vidar appeared on the other opposite side of the tank Daz was riding. He climbed aboard as well and stood with his arms folded over his chest, he patiently waited for Daz to finish his business.

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    Sayble Nox
    She led Luther to her rooms. Thought her back was turned to him most of the time, she kept her awareness up in case he decided to try anything. As she unlocked her door she said:
    “So how did you end up in Centralia?”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guy Faukes View Post
    Waterfront - Docks
    "That is the only way to deal with them." he said, remorsefully.
    "Finally showing your true colors?" Des had gotten up and was holding a gun to Gregors head. "There was no need to end them. So Gregor, who are you really?" She hadn't killed in a while but that sisn't mean she didn't enjoy killing. Shits getting interesting. All I wanted was rest and some food. And I got that and more. She gave a small sigh. "Look Gregor I am a fan killing when nessesary but this was not one of those times."
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