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#13 Simple Morning, Profound Day (1 Viewer)

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Sunny spring day, morning market run.
Wandering mind, list to be done.
precarious pedestrian, mallard not in the sky,
As if on a nest, at rest, traffic passing by. [FONT=&Verdana]

Paternally maternal, hunter gatherer too,
ponded for two seconds what to do,
Parked, surveyed acted, avoided hodgepodge,
greeted, coddled, scampered, dodged.

Safely roadside scrambled down to his ditch.
Examined before release, launch like a boat.
Paused for one look, his eyes met mine,
Consciousness connected, world fell away. [FONT=&Verdana]

With his beak, patted the back of my hand.
Love filled my chest, tears in my eye,
With gratitude, to water, returned the little guy.
Feathered messenger, profound moment, simple day.


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Very profound... have done the same many times..
turtles, pigeons, seagulls, ducks...
definite grateful genuine connection that doesn’t
compare and very different from people....thanks
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