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Thread: Why are you breaking up with the person above you?

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    Because you never loved me like you loved your pets.
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    Because you won't do the "furry" with me.

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    Because you shave the wrong parts of your body, leaving the others untouched, then expect me to like it.
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    Love me, love my dog... And you never loved my special fury friend. So now you are on your own, without me or man's best friend!!! Oh and kitty is mine as well!
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    I'm allergic to animals. It's really nothing personal. I'll prove it by sending a Christmas card... every year.

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    I saw the way you watched our waitress. You were so obviously enjoying her cropped-off shirt and short-shorts. I don't care if we were at Hooters for lunch. Your drool was uncalled for, and frankly it was embarrassing. I can't stay with someone like that.
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    Sunny, you said that Me taking you to that French resturant for your b-day wasn't good enough. Well Boo-hoo and I'l never take you out ever again! (maniacal laughter)
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    Because you were so excited about your stupid football game, that you left with the chicken wings from the deli, and forgot me at the supermarket. I froze, walking home in that blizzard! I hope you enjoy your wings and pizza ALONE!
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    Because you couldn't stop coming up with reasons to break up with me.

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    Because you have got that woman in your avatar.
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