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Thread: 100 Word Story Challenge!

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    100 Word Story Challenge!

    It's basically what it says on the tin, write a story that's 100 words. But wait, that's not it. The person from the previous post will put after their story a word in which you have to base your story around. For example, "butter". Then, the next person has to write a 100 word story around the concept and idea of butter, but it doesn't have to be about butter itself.

    So, I'll start with an easy one.


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    The morning air was dry and hot. Abe wiped the sweat from his brow as he walked the narrow streets of July City, a poor and broken city, was what it was. All he could see were broken buildings and thin sad faces. People were dying of thirst. The drought that inflicted the land was shattering records centuries old.

    "Abe," came a call from a young girl. He turned around casually. It was a voice he recognized.

    "Phoneixx what are you up to today," abe replied

    "Did you hear it's supposed to Rain today!" Abe dropped to his knees crying.

    Here's the next word


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    A man hidden beneath his dark cloak walked the night with his boots tapping on the road before coming to a gas station, perfectly hidden in the night, covered by dirt. The cloaked man paused and took out his lighter before he started walking again and came to a fuel pump reading: diesel and petrol. If the face of the man could be seen it would have surely smiled. He lit the lighter and suddenly light roamed the night and the man's disfigured face could be seen, he threw the lighter in some leaked fuel before disappearing in the explosion.

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    True Love

    There was just one left and I wanted it. I held it like a treasure, reveling in the juxtaposed condition it created -- it's freezing smoothness against my rough sweaty hand. I kicked off my grass-stained sandals letting the linoleum of the kitchen floor cool the soles of my feet. The droning of the lawnmower still roared in my ears, although in reality, the horrible machine had been sitting silent for the past five minutes.

    The sweet sound of my wife's voice floated in from the living room. "Sweetheart, can you bring me a beer?"

    I sighed as my heart melted. "Coming, Dear."

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    "Come on! Just go already!"

    He stared down the hillside. The dirt path was steep but smooth. He could feel his heart pulsing in his hands on the grips. Suddenly, his hearing altered; like hands cupped over his ears.

    "Forget it, he's too afraid."

    Halfway down the hill, his brakes no longer had any effect. Too fast! he thought. Just hang on! The bike hit a bump and both feet came off the pedals. He rode the last sixty feet, crotch on the frame, eyes wide, teeth clenched, and then, it was over. He felt something: accomplishment!

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    “Now, just to be clear, you are aware - “

    “Yeah, yea,” He interrupted the ‘brain’ in the white labcoat, “Spare me the disclaimer. I’m being paid a thousand dollars an hour toplay lab rat.”

    The ‘brain’ cleared his throat and nodded, scribbling a few morenotes onto his clipboard. With a snap of his fingers the heavy metal dooropened and two orderlies entered with leather straps, “These restraints areonly precautionary.”

    “What?” His eyes opened wide, “Why?”

    “The effect of this drug on humans hasn’t been tested.” the ‘brainshrugged, “They’ll be removed in the morning.”

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    Little Ricky sat in the orchard and moved each orange into place, all the while being careful not to knock around the others he had already positioned. He had lined up about two dozen of them on the ground in front of him. I could tell he was doing the best he could to have them lined up as straight as possible.

    “What are you doing now?”

    “Getting all of our oranges in a row. Grandpa said if we got all of our ducks in a row the farm would start making money again, but this isn’t a duck farm.”

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    I expect Mister HighSt to look more glum, tapered. Much has happened. But no, there he is, all exaggerated movement and piranha teeth. He leaks coffee and hairstyles. When he walks on windows he leaves interest rates and percentages as footprints.

    He sees my cheerlessness. Bounds over and places a ruched arm on my shoulder. ‘Still don't get it, my boy?' He looks askance. Whispers: 'Gods don't die. Belief is always there, it’s just the opiate that changes.’

    And then gone, his capriciousness breathtaking. He flounces to PC World; accosts a young couple. They smile, nod, enter with him.

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    Time of no reply

    The phone doesn’t ring. There’s no answer yet, that’s all.

    Her world will change in a minute, thirty minutes, ten hours. If he makes it ten hours, he could make it twenty years; she’ll fly out in the morning. Otherwise, in three days, for the funeral.

    In her still kitchen Susan cleans the remnants of spaghetti from her plate, decides to have more wine. Sobriety won’t open any arteries, unclog her father’s dirty heart. If orphanhood finds her tonight, let her be drunk for it.

    Waiting is a liferaft and tonight, the answer is neither rescue nor drowning, but both.

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    Nodes of mania concatenate. The trick, by non-verbal osmosis, is being revealed. The line fractures with struggle. They are weak, internal ossature visible and grim, but still - somehow still - desperate. Guards interject surgically, like antibodies: rifle butts to knees, gauntleted slaps to temples.

    'Troublesome,' the thin man says. 'Separate the children on arrival.' His colleague, a clipboarded man, nods. Makes notes. 'For provision of education or some such. They're stupid, grasping. They'll believe it. They'll want to.

    'This needs to be quicker, understand? To be industry.'

    'Yes, Sir,' his colleague says. Then quotes: '"In Earth, not on it."'

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