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    Oops! Sorry about that. What are the odds that someone writes and posts not very long before you, when you are writing for the same word! My apologies. I have tried to delete my last but don't seem to be able to. Whoever follows this thread, just carry on from obi_have's post as they got there first.

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    It must be dead cold in Manhattan bro. Charlotte and I drifted in today to Coral Port. We came to hover and hang and, drink a quart. Sort of like the old days. Anyways, you should visit and take your mind off of it. The water is 80 degrees. You can listen for miles. Everywhere you look: beaches. Charlotte knows a girl that moved here from Columbia. She is white hot and digs cops. Here is a picture of her in her little blue top. I took it from the bow of my new boat Choices. Visit me brother!

    Next Word: ROYAL

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    Awaiting dinnerís end, the Queen sits immobile in her royal dress, thankful for its capacious skirt. Vines curl across the pale blue silk, embroidered roses studding the tight bodice that presses her breasts flat and holds her breath still and shallow. Next to her sits the King, before him one of the multitude of seigneurs giving one of their endless reports. She composes her face in a benign smile and folds her hands calmly in front of her on the table. Directly below them, hidden by the table and its cover that hangs to the floor, crouches a marquis.

    Next: swan

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    I never thought that I would ever be given swan to eat, but here I was by the banks of the Cam holding a piece of swan meat surrounded by a hamburger bun.

    A much older man was telling me that the college had a licence granted by the queen, to take a few every summer. I turned away from the speaker and looked out across the water to where a family of swans were moving gracefully on the water. Reluctantly I took a very small bite.

    “Disappointing isn’t it?” said the older man. “It might as well be chicken.”

    next word eagle

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    Giving the ball another whack, I tried yet again to get out of the sand trap, but it was useless. This had been, by far, the worst day I've ever had on the course, and I was having thoughts of giving up.

    The ball sailed through the air, but ricocheted off a tree trunk, sending it right back into the pit. I pulled out my notepad, lowering my score yet again.

    I lined up my next shot, and hit it. It finally managed to get out of the trap, but landed in water. I'm never going to get an eagle.

    Next word: Lightning

    "Life is a risk; so is writing. You have to love it." ~ Richard Matheson

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    Lightning lit the room, revealing three people at the table. Rolling thunder smoothly broke the awkward silence. No more words were spoken. The man’s face was colorless; his lower lip trembled as he buried his face in his hands. A single tear rolled down the young girls face.She grabbed the young boy’s hand and they walked toward the door.
    The man watched the door close behind them and a smilecrossed his lips. He got up from the table and wiped the tears from his eyes. Lightning lit the room revealing an empty table and thunder broke the silence.

    Next word… frost
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    It was a cold day, one of the coldest of the year so far. Becca sat staring out at the snowy scene all morning, her warm breath had slowly melted the frost and ice from the window. She already had her winter warmers on. Her hat, scarf, gloves and big puffy jacket were making her feel too warm in the house, but she did not want to waste a single second of time when the snow stopped falling, which it had. She looked pleadingly at her mother who smiled.
    “OK, you can go and play, but be careful” Becca Ran.

    Next word: Insatiable
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    A skinless hand reached up and pushed the switch on the rusted machine. Something deep within the mechanism gurgled and the blades began to turn.

    I laid there, groggy from the sedative. The creature’s mantis eyes studied mine, and as lustful hunger flashed across the black, pointed slits, I felt my heart start to pound. My back arched, the tethers wrapping my wrists grew tighter as I thrashed and pulled.

    The blades whirred and advanced. Streams of saliva hung from the creature’s mouth, it’s jagged yellow teeth forming a cruel grin.

    Next word: Submarine

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    Pressure gauge twitches. Little needle hovers above red paint. Not good. "What's our depth," I shout.

    "Twenty thousand leagues," boss shouts back.

    "We under attack or what?" I keep my voice calm. Calm voice is quieter than the creaking hull. Boss can't hear me. I say it louder. "Under attack?"

    "Ain't nobody should know we're here." True. It's secret, they told me. Get down to this depth then press the red button. Don't know what it does. Big money in it though.

    Another shout from Boss. Pain. The British agent's here.

    We were warned about him. This henchman job sucks.


    Next word: Archipelago.

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    "We know you did it. The blood's a match. We've got the axe, your prints are all over it. All we need now is a body. Where'd you bury him, Jamie?"

    "His head is in Than Kyun.'

    "What? Just the head?"

    "Arms and legs are in... Pulau Bada, I think. The rest of him is in Kyun Pila."

    "My god, what the hell happened?"

    "He tested me. Tried to be a smart ass. Made me look up a word I didn’t know."

    "Jesus, you chopped him up and scattered him across the islands just for that?"

    "Could've just said Apple."


    Next word: Apple
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