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    Am I playing golf today or signing an executive order to outlaw the postal service? Or am I outlawing science? Don’t you know? You fired! And who said a woman could be vice president? Disgusting! You know I have a news briefing on the lawn – or is it a rally in Raleigh. They love me there. Thousands of people in white hoods.... or is it jack-boots? Never mind, the chopper’s waiting. Where is it going? Oh yes, golf in Florida. Or is it New Jersey? That idiot pilot doesn’t have a clue. He’s fired! Who here can fly a helicopter?

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    You're Fired
    (highly Screwtape-Letters-influenced)

    "What?" the little demon roared.

    His superior sneered. "That's right. Your incompetence--"

    "My incompetence? Who let him read that poem? Who allowed the human a moment's contemplation on transcendent reality?"

    "Minor slip-ups, that could have been used to our advantage, if you hadn't bungled it at the end and actually shown up when he summoned you with that hex. You should've known he'd just get scared and go to the Other side!"

    "I wanted--"

    "I know what you wanted. You wanted to make a sorcerer. But what did you make? A Christian."

    The smaller demon fell through the trapdoor, shrieking.

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    In my mouth, if there be sweetness,
    It has come from my Creator;
    If my hands are filled with beauty,
    All the beauty comes from God.
    ~ from The Kalevala (paraphrased)

    Whom have I in heaven but You?
    And earth has nothing I desire besides You.

    ~ Psalm 73:25

    Christ is risen from the dead,
    trampling on Death by death,
    And on those in the tombs,
    lavishing light.

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    The Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

    Children huddled in cages, whimpering, moaning, and crying out for their mothers.
    A father grieving for his daughter as she lay dead: with a bullet in her head.
    300,000 dead from the virus and still rising as the government twiddles their thumbs and says it will magically disappear, have faith. White supremacists: dancing in the streets. Tear gas and rubber bullets rein down on urban cities. Law and Order rules the day. The Speaker of the House and the Senate’s minority leader arrested.

    Neon lights of red white and blue flicker on the empire state building.

    President Trump Re-Elected.

    new theme: contamination
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    Nature weeps, the devil sings
    at mans greed and pride
    and what it brings

    Just lots of useless
    little things

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    A hole in the red, white and blue sequined mask contaminated the 2x4's in the lumber department of HOME DEPOT when Darla sneezed. She was building Mr. Adorable a new scratching post, but more like a pretty cat lounge with velvet and tassels, than an old scratchy thing.
    It's surprising how many people buy 2x4's at HOME DEPOT, and sneeze or cough on lumber. But an Essential establishment is extremely essential especially for people like Darla who adore their cat.
    Two known virus cases resulted from the contaminated lumber, Billy, the employee, and, of course, Darla, who never got to build the cat lounge.

    Theme: Sneeze
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    (I added sneeze Apple forgot to put in her theme)

    The Switch

    I sneezed, again, then again. Damn these allergies. A least it's not a cough, then I would be concerned. It's a sign that you may have the virus, and I just can't afford to have it at this time. I start a new job next week, been out of work since the virus came here. Money ran out, been living off the kindness of friends. But my luck is turning; I can finally see the light shining from the dark tunnel I've been in.

    I'm feeling a little woozy, my heads spinning; my chest feels like a ton of bricks. Oh shit, I got the virus and I'm supposed to start work tomorrow. I guess the light in the tunnel flicked out.

    Theme: New Beginnings
    Nature weeps, the devil sings
    at mans greed and pride
    and what it brings

    Just lots of useless
    little things


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