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    100 Word Story Challenge!

    I remember when it happened, I was only a small boy when the sirens rang, the streets filled with people and my mother grabbed me and ran out to join them. That's when I heard the predatory howling of wind, making the mistake of looking back I saw a large plume of dust and debris reaching into the sky. I became paralyzed with fear and would surly had remain cemented in place if not for my mother pulling me along. We became caught in a torrent of people as they fled their houses. But we became separated in the maelstrom...

    Next word: conspiracy

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    Donovan skipped link to link collecting user attributes in a background app. Every half hour appended data processed and the graphic overview displayed the new mesh.

    Journalist names appeared top left, center or right depending on the final bias assessment of the article. All sources sorted into organizational structures with bias orientations and capacity titles.

    Thursday, September 14, and a bibliography footnote displayed beneath the report principal keywords. "Conspiracy" occurred 212 times in comments to original post; "agree/agreement" occurred 15 times within 10 press releases.

    Donovan listened for the laserjet to initiate and straightened his tie, heading toward the taskforce.


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    Tom and Tim were prisoners in class. Mrs Jackson demanded absolute silence.

    "Algebra: what a load of rubbish!" Tom hissed, crushing his pencil tip on his exercise book.

    "That's maths for ya," Tim whispered, baffled at the textbook.

    "Acute angle, obtuse angle and reflex angle... what good is this going to do us in the future."

    The next twenty minutes seemed to drag. It didn't help that Mrs Jackson glared at them.

    "Time to pack up!" Mrs Jackson's announcement was music to their ears. The bell rang and they scurried out the door. "Hey! This is not the London marathon."

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    He could never go back to home, he'd left it all behind for a reason. Besides, there is no time like the present. As he drove up the cliff, he's heartbeat grew faster and faster, knowing well what was about to happen, what would have always happened in the end. He parked his car, taking the box out of the passenger seat he walked to the edge of the cliff, opening the box he took out the only thing, a ring. He put it on and jumped knowing he could never come back.


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    She pulled her coat tighter as the late winter wind blew down from the mountains and into the valley, carefully stepping through the thick crust of snow Lucy made her way out to the edge of town. The sharp 'crunch crunch' of the snow was the only sound she could hear. Looking around to make sure she wasn't followed, she at last reached her house and went inside, unzipping her coat Lucy took out a small metallic box she had stashed in it, the box's secrets were disproportionate to its size, and inscribed on its surface was one word: wonder.

    Next word: Legacy

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    Jim sat alone in his one room apartment. Empty beer cans on the floor cast shattered reflections of light from the static flickering on his television.
    "When," he breathed, and slouched down in his chair with clenched fists. The hands on the wall clock clicked one last time and aligned straight up at twelve.
    A faint rapping tapped on his door from outside in the cold night. He stood up with a resigned sigh.
    Jim slumped to the door, turned the knob, and opened it. He knew what waited. He knew he would only leave behind his sad disheveled legacy.

    Next word: trusted

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    Having an affair with a gangland boss’s favourite girl was a prescription for disaster but Rico couldn’t resist. Her raven hair and carmine lips had mesmerised him.
    She changed when the old man found out, put on quite a show with her crying and begging - said that Rico had threatened her, forced her. She could always get a man to believe what she said, especially when it was what he wanted to hear.
    She laid flowers on Rico’s grave after the funeral. She hadn’t signed her name but the imprint of her carmine lips on the card was signature enough.

    next word: promotion

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    “What determines the image we see,” I asked Dr. F
    “Am I lame, but do we know we aren't the image?”
    “Is it about left side vs. right side or upper vs. lower,” replied Dr.F
    “If you accept the simile that your nervous system is a river, then is the mouth it's delta?”
    “Why not the brain, for that is where they all lead,” I said.
    “The brain is a spring, it's the source, Dr. M”
    “I'll study on an island and will examine this, Dr. F”
    “And I in my tower, Dr. M.”

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    (adjective - cautiously or suspiciously reluctant to do something)

    A curious sound scritched from within the box. Smears in the dust around it could be faintly seen.

    He stood before the altar on which it sat. The end of a decades long search grew closer by the moment.

    His trembling hand reached out even as he took small steps backward. Sweat formed on his brow as his eyes narrowed.

    Upon touching the box, he flinched as if it were hot. The man shook his head in resolve and opened it.

    Inside he found a scampering rat and a note reading: "I got here first."

    "All for nothing," he whispered.

    Next Word: Relaxed

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    Kitchen was clean, kids were in bed, it was time to relax. I walked to the living room. Karen was on the couch, wrapped in her fuzzy blanket that she loved. She looked so comfortable.
    I sat in my lazyboy and waited for the inevitable drift into serene sleep. I was happy they couldn't taste it. Happy that I did it without violence. I could never admit to them what I had done, it was better this way. Life was hard, death would be easier. Finally, after all the pain we went through. We could just sit back, and relax.

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