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Thread: Cure for writers block

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chainspell View Post
    It's not exactly a cure, per se, but it is a workaround I've started using when I want to get past something with the intent of getting back to it later.

    Let's say I have to write an action scene, instead of struggling through writing it, I'll do something like this:

    *A starts sword fight with B. It's a close fight but A wins in the end.*

    Then I move on to the next part. Writing what happens immediately after often makes it easier for me to loop back around and fill in what stopped me before.
    Yep, I have done this before. Mark the spot and come back when I have it fleshed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarletM.Sinclaire View Post
    I NEED to try this. I'm at 55k...haven't written anything in a month now. When i first started writing this book I was ECSTATIC. it's all I ever thought about for about 5 months even while writing it. Now I'm less excited about it and trying to muddle my way through and push through this blah feeling. I'll try this when I get home.

    Don't let that book stall you forever. Move onto something else if you are stuck. You will either figure out how to proceed, or abandon the story. Either way, by the time you figure it out you'll have 20k towards a new book.
    After all, the first 200k you write is just practice. So if that first book is a stillborn, move on and have another, but don't let it stop you from writing altogether.

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    My cure for writer's block: First either open the manuscript you're stalled on and read the last page of it, or start a new one and write one sentence or at least a couple of words, even if it's only "My New Story" at this point.

    Then jump up and down, hop around the room, beat on the table, somersault down the hall, jump on the bed, etc. Be sure to bounce around enough to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing. If anyone is watching, they should think you are insane.

    Then sit down and write. I have no idea why this works for me but it does. Try it! :p
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