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Thread: Cure for writers block

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    One word. Outlining.
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    hospital results tell you time is running out
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I do the same thing. For example, if the story is about a guy who is being corrupted into evil, I put on something like Cage the Beast, showing the character's struggle to stay sane, and cage the beast which is trying to come out.

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    I do the same thing. For example, if the story is about a guy who is being corrupted into evil, I put on something like Cage the Beast, showing the character's struggle to stay sane, and cage the beast which is trying to come out.

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    I love the music idea!
    I have note books and I write every thought down. When I'm stuck I go through them with a highlighter and start retracing my initial thought process and highlight anything which might help me to find that inspiration and feeling again. So far it's worked but I'm definitely going to try music - Im a big believer it's a mood changer so I'm sure in some cases it'll work.

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    Quit your job. Donate whatever money you have to charity. Give away your house, your car, your dog, cancel your insurance, tell your wife's lawyer 'Fine by me. Whatever.' Keep nothing but a steno pad and a pencil. Discover that there is no such thing as writer's block.
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    I used to have intense writer's block when I was nineteen or so. The thing with me is that I could think of many unique ideas, but it just wouldn't come out. One day, somebody said to me, "You might die tomorrow. Seriously. Then not even a single page of your story will survive". And that was the kick in the pants I needed. Ever since, I have been writing like crazy--everything just comes out naturally, with the exception of a few roadblocks. Currently, mine only writer's block is college, but once that's out of the way, it's back to writing. I am a very self-sufficient writer, so I usually do not need any outside motivation--only a few critiquing partners to keep me in shape. One time, I thought about becoming a published author, but what with all the competition out there, it would be a pain trying to get noticed--so I stuck with computer science as a career. Nowadays, writing is really something I just do to entertain mineself.

    I'm going to write as many novels as I can before I die.
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    I've suffered with different forms of Writing Stoppage. (I refuse to call it writer's block as that tends to give the syndrome power)
    If you cannot find the cause of the stoppage, you'll probably have little luck in fixing it.
    My two most common problems are -
    I don't know where the story is going from here.
    I am sure that everything I am writing is garbage.

    The first solution is obvious - figure out what is happening in the story.
    The other is a bit harder. My most recent solution is to stop using the computer. I get into a rut - I write, I over-analyze and then I rewrite ... get stuck on one sentence for hours.

    So lately I have been doing it old school - writing long-hand in a notebook. I find that the difference between how fast I can type vs. how fast I can print evens out the creative process. I am not afraid to write something borderline LAME when I write with a pen. (No pencil .... I'd just spend hours erasing)

    And to make it even more strange, I write on the subway on the way to work. This way I get in an hour writing that would have been wasted time. It's a challenge to write with all the distractions but it works for me. This is less of a serious writing project but it will still eventually turn into a novel. Actually pretty pumped about it. Something completely out of my wheelhouse called "I was a Teenage Superhero - or - How I survived High School."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadence View Post
    Stop believing it exists.

    If you can't write something good, then write something bad. But you can always write something.
    Giving yourself permission to write crappola is not easy. Getting inspired by your own insipid prose is really a chore.
    The hardest thing to do is to realize that if it is a good story, the right words will come to you by the time you write, edit & rewrite the same story 5 or 6 times.
    We all struggle with this.
    As for your 'this is this and it's not that' diatribe, which is quite valid, there are a lot of benefits to some of the things that you claim are not writing. Studying is not writing for sure but that doesn't mean it's not a valuable pursuit. Outlining (if you swing that way) reading, even visualization are all valid techniques. The actual writing is not the only step in the creative process.
    But yeah, in the end it's about writing.

    David Gordon Burke
    We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.
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    I often find myself with simply nothing to say, and when I find myself with nothing to say about or in my story, I simply put it aside. Sometimes it's boredom, sometimes distractions, and sometimes I just can't think of anything. There might be a little depression in there somewhere also.

    So what I do about this is once in a while I'll switch stories. I'll go back to some other one I've been working on. Or I will look stuff up regarding my story, or watch a show or play a game... Sometimes a situation in a scene will inspire me and I will make notes of it in my phone to be sent to my computer via email later. I LOVE my phone for this... Sometimes I don't have prose available. I could sit and stare at the screen forever and not a word of prose will come to mind but if I'm pacing back and forth somewhere with my phone, I can conjure up ideas for my story and type it out in the notes app on my phone. It's awesome, because I can think through my notes, visualize how it's going and eventually... Come back to prose.

    Sometimes a movie/tv show/game will catch my eye. Some impossible situation and I'm thinking "Oh, no freakin way! That would never... Wait." Next thing I know, my characters are in a car chase and I'm typing like mad in my phone. He yanks the E-Break and skids around to the left, his tires gripping pavement as he releases the break.

    "Hurry! They're almost on us!"

    "What do you think I'm doing?"

    "They've got guns!"

    "No shit! I've got guns, they've got guns, everybody's got..." The back window shatters as bullets tear through the car. He skids around to the right and takes aim for a parking garage. "Hold on!" His tires squealing he hits the roof and sees a portion of it has crumbled... He shoots his car for it and makes the jump, landing on the other side of a concrete wall, sparks flying from the undercarriage.

    Anyway.. Nobody's jumping from a parking garage in real life unless you're a stunt driver, but it was exciting and caused me to think of a situation where it might happen. Who cares if it's believable? It was a fun action story. Sometimes doing nothing can cause you to do something. But then I am still new at this... But I don't get "Writer's Block" like I used to when I was a kid. I used to try to write back then, too and I just couldn't make it work back then. It's OK, that urge still hangs around and now I'm learning a lot more about this craft.

    I think it may help to try different methods of recording your stuff. Maybe talk to text on your phone, maybe type it into the phone and pace or go for a walk, or whatever it is you like to do. Watch some TV or a movie, or look up related YouTube videos. Maybe there's a technology in your story you wish to feature, YouTube can do all kinds of stuff for you. Hell, it can give you ideas. Even the kooky conspiracy theory videos can provide inspiration. You might think "Ha! No freaking way! This guys' so dumb" and the next minute you're like "I wonder... How could I do this in a story". Face it, conspiracy theories make awesome plots. Every Bruce Willis action flick is based on them LOL, or it seems anyway.
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    No WiFi, a delicious beverage and a very specific gameplan for your next writing session.
    Back an awesome writing app that's building the future of writing:
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