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Thread: Cure for writers block

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    I inspire myself by rewatching a movie or replaying a particularly epic video game. For example, Lord of the Rings really helps me write high fantasy, and Halo inspires some epic sci-fi moments. The specific movie or game depends on what you're trying to write (Twilight and horror stories do not go well together), but once you find the write match (pun entirely intended; I regret nothing!), this method will work every time.

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    my cure for writer's block--whiskey, it may come out blunt, sloppy, or misspelled, the choice is to fix it once you're sober, or not type it at all

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    Reading bad novel'
    I don't know if it'll works on you. I experienced this not long time ago. When I read a bad novel, I'll start to thinking "What the hell with this book, I can do better than this..." then I reread my book for a while, suddently the words just came up in my head' Lol

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    Someone needs to find a way to grab the surplus inspiration that some people on this site suffer from and bottle it so it can be used to 'unblock' others.

    If they ever do i hope they come up with a name that doesn't make it sound like a drain cleaner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolphinlee View Post
    Someone needs to find a way to grab the surplus inspiration that some people on this site suffer from and bottle it so it can be used to 'unblock' others.

    If they ever do i hope they come up with a name that doesn't make it sound like a drain cleaner.

    Lol, I am surplus of inspiration now'
    and, for myself the problem is not the inspiration. it's when I start to overthinking about the words. everything just seems not fine'

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    YES this is EXACTLY what I've thought! Music has helped me a lot with my current story. For example, I got the idea for a chilling (excuse the pun...) scene where a unit of soldiers are hunkered down in the snow, trying to fight off the enemy while surrounded, running low on everything-from listening to Orla Fallon's cover of the old Christmas song "Emmanuel." I know it's not Christmas, but if you listen to it below, it's bound to send chills down your spine. I got the snowy forest idea from the album cover.

    Also for the same situation for those soldiers, lyrics in Three Days Grace's "Riot" pertain. They basically say something to the effect of "sure, you feel like you're in a horrible situation, but you're not the only one-others are refusing to back down." Works perfectly for the surrounded soldiers who never give in.

    Lastly, my username is the name of a special ops unit in my story, who is religious in a sense, so when I listen to "Blow Me Away" by Breaking Benjamin, some of the lyrics hit home for how they are, like "lead me to heaven when I die" and "I am the one to save us all!" because most members of Platoon Angelwing have beliefs that are basically in the excerpt in my sig.

    But knowing times of trouble, and the devils they may bring,
    are only thwarted by his will to fight, he raised his mighty wings.
    Prepared for war, thus guarding peace; for liberty, his love,
    he shall deliver unto evil: death, dealt swiftly from above

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    I've used this technique many times. I usually have some sort of music on while I write. The Lord of the Rings soundtracks have been very useful for me, as well as Tim Janis and Mannheim Steamroller.

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    It's similar to building a soundtrack for a movie. I was raised by a musician and eventually married one, so music is a very important part of my life. There are certain songs that individually inspired an entire novel. Example: Special Needs by Placebo. Music can be very inspirational for some, and for others, a distraction.

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    Since I only really write for fun, I tend to equate writer's block to nothing more than me getting bored with what I'm doing. Just as I'll get tired of a video game after a while, once I start having trouble making progress on a story, I figure pressing on is more work than fun, and I stop. I'll watch TV, play video games, head over to a friend's house, or just generally do whatever I feel like doing. I only write when writing is fun.

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    I have one simple cure for writers block, time away. If I cant think of something at the moment I go off and do something else. When I come back I usually have it most of the time.


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