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    Against the far wall were a pile of boxes, most of which were full of junk. To the right was an old wooden table covered in dust. A small amount of light penetrated the glass of the window on the wall to the left, letting the last of the evening sun in. On a shelf over the door there were a row of jars filled with various nuts and bolts, nails, and a few screws. Darkness crept slowly into the room, and from within a trap door built into the floor, voices began to whisper.

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    My back door.

    The cottage was built in the early years of the twentieth century and the back door looks down a hundred feet of garden on a south facing slope to a wooded shaw that runs across the bottom. It originally led into a miniscule kitchen, but this is now a hallway and a new kitchen has been added to one side, extending three feet into the garden. A jasmine was planted in the nook thus created, and next to it a rosemary. That was when the extension was new, now, twenty years later the jasmine extends over the back door and is filled with sparrow’s nests in summer, the baby birds racketing when their parents arrive, The rosemary is cut back with the hedge trimmer and provides a solid wall of green on the left of the back step.

    On the right is a small cultivated area in front of the wall which carries the main down pipe from the bathroom, this pipe supports a trellis to cover its black plastic utility, up which a different plant grows each year. Last year it was sweet peas, this year the morning glory ‘crimson rambler’ has made its way up to meet the trailing ends of the jasmine. In front of it, in the small cultivated area, are planted night scented stocks and bunnymouths, one for looks, the other for scent, though that is hardly needed at the moment with the Jasmine in full bloom, in previous years it grew herbs, handy for the kitchen, but these grew leggy and old and have been restarted in an old strawberry planter that stands on the paving in front of it, they do better in it than strawberries ever would.

    The rosemary looks incongruous at the moment, its blue, January flowers all gone it is covered in fallen blooms from the jasmine, which descend parachute like to lodge right way up among its thick green growth, but best of all is in the early twilight. When one approaches the house from the garden, grown too dim to work in any more, the great, dark bush of jasmine is covered in the small white flowers, which seem to take on the luminescence of stars
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    Dark blue, light blue, green-blue. All of the blues imaginable were in this one place, this one small space. It was a world of such placid beauty. Everything calm and quiet even as movement of varying degrees lay just beyond the glass.

    It was an area of contradiction. Soothing freedom and harsh confinement. An air of tranquility and outright chaos. The threat of drowning and the privilege of breathing.

    Above, the world would be a cacophony of sounds mixed with sights that would barely register before they were swept aside by thousands more. Below, was a place to observe. To watch, confined in the deceptive equanimity of the waters, as creatures of imagination passed by.

    The sights were stolen; not meant for mortal eyes to see so freely lest the wrath of Poseidon be hurled down upon them in the untamed waves of the ocean. And yet here they were, trapped by mans own idea of the world.

    And it was all just an illusion of reality.

    : An Aquarium

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    For a place so full of history and tradition, I find it eerie to stand here and see
    it empty and desolate. I see a few flakes of early February snow on the grass. Grass
    is all I see. There are no hash marks. There is no conference logo at the center of
    the field. The goalposts are gone. Most jarring to me is not seeing orange and white
    checkerboards at the end zones. I look up and around, and I see a hundred thousand
    empty seats. As I gaze upon them, the silence is as loud as an autumn crowd. The
    Jumbotron is off, and so is the scoreboard. I know I am not supposed to be here now,
    so I sprint back to the gate that was left unlocked. It will be two more months until
    the spring practice game is played. I hope I can wait that long.

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    ‘Autumn in Lucca’

    Its the beginning of the Opera season chestnuts, porcini mushrooms and truffles are in abundance. The famous walls are in full autumnal glory, the rich colour of the leaves bringing a warmness to the city and complement the colour of the millions of tiny bricks. A gust of wind blows a fresh selection of leaves down from the trees, falling like little golden snowflakes in the late afternoon sun before landing at our feet and now a carpet of dry leaves scatter the promenade.

    There is an older lady collecting chestnuts, We watch as she slowly scans the ground and carefully selects the best of the hundreds of chestnuts on offer, hidden under dry dead leaves. We stop and give her a hand for a few minutes, Her carrier bag is well over half full when we say our goodbyes. As we carry on our walk of the walls I contemplate her plans for the chestnuts. Will she make a sweet dessert, a roasted snack or maybe shes supplying one of the Chestnuts vendors which appear at this time of year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    I have 33 thank you's my love . . .

    'I don't know, do you think can you handle it?' Thank you for handling it each time, so fine! oh and thanks for the pizza too! Stickmen? who knew you were such an artist! Until death do us part' and you meant it. Thank you! Fun! I didn't know fun till I married you! Thank you for the laughs, the spins on the dance floor, the drives by the lake and the shrimp cocktails! My Peanut, growing, our Son, if I didn't know before, I knew that moment, you my husband, are a keeper! Thank you breathing coach, I could not have done it natural without you. You kept me strong and then counted the toes and fingers and bathed that little buster! The cassette tape of baby giggles, it is a precious memory and he is a precious son, thank you for staying strong for me through his illness. Thank you for understanding and welcoming baby girl into our lives. We made a beautiful smart woman. Hey thanks for all the sweat, all the fix up, deck building, awesome I might add, remodeling, pool diggin, tree planting. You are the MAN! Working 3 jobs just for us, thank you! What a wonderful example for our children you are! Thanks for going with me to visit Dad in the nursing home, that was tough and for being there when he passed. Understanding the anger and shame and for never ever judging me. Inspired thought, thanks for the move to a better place! Thank you for putting up with me, for caring if I lived or died and trying to make everything right even when it wasn't you at all. I am sorry and I love you. Thank you for crying with us, feeling your own and our pain, when Maggie Mae had to leave this world, this the bond, the good that came from that terrible loss. Thank you so much for working day and night for your family, having the vision, building a successful business, bringing us to the lake and always wanting more for us. You did well! Thank you for being a good son and brother, for remaining strong during the shock and pain and showing the kids how we say goodbye. I miss him too everyday. Thank you for being my Mom's hero, you made her last days much happier, she smiles down on you, she loves you so. We light the candle together, thank you for your shoulder and strong arms. Thank you for being my travel buddy, always willing to go no question, whatever I want. No money worries, just always happy to go and happy to be with me. OMG the terrible teens. How did we make it through? Oh I know. Thanks for showing them how much you love them! Fast forward to 2009 what can I say? Thank you for doing it all. Working, cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning, therapy, doctor visits, sharing tears, feeling the pain and fear with me, keeping the hope and faith. Ten thank you's is just not enough. I could not have made it through without your love! You showed me what true love is. It is sacrifice. Thank you also for understanding my limitations as we finish our life together. This comfort and security you have given me, your lovely words, thank you for just being here! Thank you for singing our song, Smile. You make me smile.

    #33 and counting . . . thank you for the counting! So this is our life. Each day an anniversary, each day a celebration. 33 thank you's and a zillion I love you's, James Bryan, it's so nice to have you here in this place!


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    Me? I'm just a fly on the wall.

    Look! I'm trying, okay?

    One can but dream, if only i had dared.

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    Alas, i am weak.

    I must find a way to Eastbourne and i so wish that i could dance.

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    Lost for words.

    I saw that post in my travels too Dith. That's how I found her witch below (in another post obviously)

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