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Thread: What are you reading now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skodt View Post
    The sword of truth by Terry Goodkind: The stone of tears.

    Found out about these books after netflix kept reccommending I watch Legends of the Seeker. Although the show was decent on a first hand watch, I now think that I know the reason it was cancelled so quickly. Though the books are great and very fun reading.
    This is actually what I'm reading also. (I have a habit of reading several books at once) I used to love these books when I was in high school and am just finishing The Wizards First Rule for the....3rd or 4th time. But, reading it now, it seems a little amateur - Goodkind has some fairly over exaggerated emotional reactions from his characters. But, outside of their ridiculous similarities to Jordans Wheel of Time series, they are a fun ride up until Pillars of Creation. Stop at Faith of the Fallen and you'll be better for it.
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    I just finished reading the first two books in the Trylle series by Amanda Hocking. The first one is called Switched, and the second one is called Torn. The newest one, Ascend, just came out, but I have not read it yet. Trylle are trolls, but not like we usually imagine them. They are beautiful, powerful, and in tune with the earth. Some have the ability to manipulate the elements or use their minds to move things. This series is geared toward young adults and teens, so it's not as intense as it could be, but I couldn't put the books down!

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    Just finished the stone of tears. Good book I think. Not really sure I liked the ending as much as I try to, but it wont deter me from continuing on in the series.

    For now though I just started the Second book in the Hunger Games series: Catching Fire.

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    Just finished reading: "The Princess Bride" by William Goldman.

    Currently reading: "Make a Scene" - by Jordan Rosenfeld. (A book on the craft of fiction writing).

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    currently reading the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes (Artur Conan Doyle is a genius) and also reading the girl who played with fire (second book of the girl who played with the dragon tattoo). To be honest the latter is fun to read, but i don't really enjoy the way it is written. i.e she did this, she did that, she went here, she then went there. I'm thinking the book was translated- i think i read somewhere that it was originally written in Swedish, but i'm not sure. I'm also trying to get in a few chapters ever day of George RR Martins most recent book- A Dance with Dragons, which i'm a bit disappointed in compared to his last books in the series.
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    Currently reading: King Arthur's Bones by The Medieval Murderers
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    I always have a couple on the go, flip between as the mood takes me.
    One generally insipirational, the other marketing or tech non fiction

    rereading "left to tell" by Imaculee Ilibagiza - A powerful tale of finding god in the rwandan genocide. A new york best seller at the time.

    Also "accidental genius" john levy - A study of free writing, just "letting go" and writing (a cure for writers block!) - a must read for all writers in my view.

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    Currently reading Ludlum's The Matarese Circle.
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    Life- Keith Richards

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelschaap View Post
    Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward. It must be the fourth time I have read it!


    I'm in LOVE with that book, too. It's my favourite out of the entire series!!! I love all of them though, except for Lover Enshrined. It was harder to get through for some reason. I'm not a huge fan of Phury I guess, or Butch.... ;0)
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