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    Smiler the first rock class chic
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    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I just finished The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick. It painted a portrait of the author himself, whether he was aware of it (and I think he might have been) or not.

    Reading Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship by Goethe and Circe by Madeline Miller. Both are quite good.

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    Man we're u been..new name an all..the wolfman is back
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Yessir, back in business and with all new sense of purpose!

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    That's great to read...cool
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Finished In Parenthesis. It was very impressive.

    The Town and the City- Jack Kerouac

    This is also thrilling. Kerouac's early writing style is surprisingly lucid and poetic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bard_Daniel View Post
    Finished In Parenthesis. It was very impressive.
    per wiki
    "Some critics, such as Evelyn Cobley and Umberto Rossi (who carried out a detailed analysis of Part 7), consider In Parenthesis a destructured novel, not a poem. "

    what say ye, contemporary reader
    of aforementioned Hawthornden Prize

    destructured novel?

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    Maybe it read like a deconstructed novel but with poetic elements?

    This is really a good question. I am very curious as to what Darren, and others who have read it, think...

    P.S. Read through the entirety of The Town and the City, onto Maggie Cassidy by Kerouac as well!
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    What they call poetry, and what not is an ongoing debate. I consider "In Parenthesis" poetry. Period
    Of course it's more complicated than that, but I need time to come up with a better reply.

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