Pinocchio has been reworked and is now a fully blown novel called The Woodcarver's Son

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The Woodcarver's Son by Danny Fahey in Literature & Fiction

The Woodcarver’s Son by Danny Fahey

Danny Fahey wrote a series of poems which gained a great deal of praise. The verse told a progressive story of an existential search for awareness, portrayed through the eyes of a character from folk lore. Persuaded to pursue the idea further, Danny produced a Novella, “The Unrelenting, Unnerving Life of Pinocchio”. The fairy tale is transformed into the story of the main character’s search for meaning and understanding. The book is an excellent read for those who enjoy works which cause them to rethink their worldview. It is on a par with classics in the vein of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

Danny has now taken his concept a step further and developed the work into a full novel, “The Woodcarver’s Son”. He has expanded the story and given greater depth to the characters. This is a recommended read for the Christmas season.

The Woodcarver’s Son is an existential novel using the tree turned puppet turned boy to explore what it is to be human. It is an Everyman story with the tale of the wooden puppet held up to show our own confusion and uncertainty at this life that we experience.

Pinocchio never really knows what he is doing and along the way he ends up living his life. He discovers having the freedom of humanity is not all he thought it might be but that life can only be lived going forward, there is no going back.