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Thread: What Do you look for in Poetry?

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    I'm not much of a poet anymore, but I've always just loved poems that express a common thing in a totally unique way. It's a lot rarer than it sounds; way too many people try always to make sense while writing poetry. They need to understand: poetry is emotions put into words, and emotions don't always make sense.

    I also hate the use of conjunctions in poems, unless they are an absolute necessity.

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    I love image that's what I look for in poetry.

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    Great rhyme scheme (I have to be able to say it to myself), vivid imagery even if they are not describing a scene, and heavy emotion, I lean much towards the darker types of emotion and more macabre literature

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    I look for something I can relate to. I look for something melodramatic. I love anything that has the courage to say the things I'm too scared to. I love well painted images .

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    As cliché as it may sound, I look for truth. I enjoy the poet's words, having been culminated from a wealth of life experience, hardship, joy, and whatever else. They frequently touch upon similar ground, though some have an entirely new perspective altogether.

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    I look for something that grabs my eyes and wont let go 'til the end--something that reads itself to me. Something that has a point; something that has meaning. Even if that meaning is only found within the way it has been presented.

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    Poetry is feeling. Poetry is the possibility of the impossible. Poetry is what makes my heart sing and my life worth living. Therefore I am looking for feelings, beautiful metaphors and the passion of the passionate, to remind me that I am alive and not all is lost.

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    I don't look for anything specific... I actually expect the poem to surprise me with something beautiful, or maybe sad, scary, crazy, amazing... A new idea, or a new way of seing an old idea, or just an image that makes me have my own ideas... Oh, forget what I first wrote. I look for creativity! XD

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