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    College Scholarships for Writing

    Does anyone know of a scholarship dirrected towards high school students who major in creative writing or English?

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    A quick Google search turned up quite a few sites that list scholarships for English majors. One that looks especially interesting is here.

    You should avoid a major in a narrow specialty, such as, for example, journalism. If you want to work as a journalist your best education will be on the job. Sign on as an intern at a newspaper, radio station, or tv station. Get a good liberal arts education at university, with English as a major and history as a minor or second major. The day to day skills you need as a journalist you will learn by doing, and learn far faster and far better than in a classroom.

    I've had the misfortune of being asked to retrain journalism, broadcast, and communications majors to work in the real world.
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    ^what he said. A degree is journalism is so much toilet paper unless you have some practical experience. A degree in Creative Writing, it seems to me, would be more about the networking than about the sheepskin. Just another way to get the work out there.
    I say this as I have a B.A. in journalism, and worked for several campus organs as well as being a stringer for the local paper for a couple of years. Professional writing is a tough dollar. A degree may not significantly alter your chances of consistent publication.
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