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Thread: Regarding Fan Fiction

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    Regarding Fan Fiction

    I'm sorry, but WF is not a place to post fan fiction (we only allow original work here). But one site that will is: Welcomes most types.

    Previously posted by pgoroncy:
    “The reason it has always been rejected is because of the threat of legal action against WF. If a lawsuit were ever brought against the site you can be sure the site would close shortly after. The risk in other words is simply too great to justify making this a part of WF."

    Based on:
    Fan fiction (also commonly spelled as fanfiction and frequently abbreviated to fanfic or occasionally just FF or fic) is a broadly-defined term for fiction about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creators.

    Admin Note: The rules have since been updated and fan fiction can now be shared in restricted areas of the forum

    Da Rules
    Fan-Creations: Fan-fiction and Fan-art are treated equally under the law as fan-creations; they are potential breaches of copyright and/or trademark provisions, therefore not allowed on the open forum boards, and will be removed immediately upon discovery. Provision has been made for fan-creations within The Motley Tavern, where adequate visibility limits and disclaimers are included.

    Fan-creations posted by non-Tavern members anywhere in the open forum or members only Workshops may be moved to The Motley Tavern at a moderator's discretion. Members may still post fan-creations in their own Blog pages or in Groups which allow them but do so at their own risk with respect to any third party legal actions.

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