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    I read the first book of the serie, and I am reading the second book.

    I love them but there is something that stops me each times: when he starts enumerating all the Lords and Ser around the table. Although it might be necessary for the description of some scenes, it is really annoying to read twenty names of people that might never be talked about later in the series.

    On the contrary, I admire Martin for being able to remember those names all when he does use them once again later on. He created so many of them, even with a list, I would get easily lost.

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    I have read only "Game of Thrones" and I liked it. I also started watching the TV series, but it didn't grab my attention for a long time.

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    Yes, every one, cover to cover.

    I love GRRMs style and attitude to the biz in general.

    He is the "Donald Trump" of writers saying what few dare to say or admit about the biz.

    These are the best fantasy books ever written to me - of course, slightly behind LOTR which slighlty contradicts what I just said, but use your imagination to understand the comment.
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    I really want to find the time to read these......
    I'm a huge fan of the show and waiting patiently for the new season to come out. (insert foot tapping impatience here), so ya....
    It's on my bucket list

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    I find Mr Martin the biggest douchebag there is. Out of sheer stubborness grown from my dislike, I will not read the books of this douche

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    Waiting patiently for my turn. I know who has the books, and he knows i'm next.

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    It's entertaining.
    But I don't really follow it faithfully.
    There's so much death, incest and sex in it that it stopped becoming exciting for me.
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    I've been putting off watching this show since it first aired. Now that The Walking Dead is getting "meh", maybe it's time I give it a shot?

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    I know this post is a bit old but I thought I would throw my two cents in.

    I started the books as my fiance was watching the show and I'm not much on tv violence. (I find it's easier to read it than actually watch it happen, for me anyway). I really enjoyed them, until about half way through the fourth book. I had to put it down for a bit and stop reading. I don't enjoy how new characters get thrown in like crazy and it's a lot to keep up with for me. I do think the man is a gifted writer, I just have to navigate through everything LOL

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    I've read the whole series. In my humble opinion, the books vary in quality and, after the third, remarkably decline.

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