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Thread: Posting Plagiarised Work

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    I think it's one of the lowest things one can do in writing, it's like lip syncing a song on a stage.

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    That may be so Jonathan but unfortunatly where any writing is concearned or anything creative to be fair there will always be those that steal it and try to pass it off as thier own sadly but I like your anology.
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    Thanks to the people who worked hard to ensure that this was dealt with swiftly good work.
    Let's hope that the people who were plagiarised get the respect they deserve for their work.

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    Luckily my writing is too terrible for anyone to consider plaigarising it!
    Nah, I can't understand how anyone would do such a thing, or want to. There's a special place in Hell for those sort of people. Windows keeps crashing, they have constant writer's block and the gents is ALWAYS occupied JUST when you HAVE to go....
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    Like an old Russian curse: may you have a house of 50 rooms and a stomach ache on entering each room.

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    I'm waiting for someone to accuse me of plagiarizing my own work because I am using a new profile on another message board and I was like, "Well, these stories were mine and I threw the password away to the old account." I'm just waiting for some evil ass to cry, "Plagiarist!" and then sue me for using my own creations.

    Not really, but amusing thought. I wonder if that has really happened yet.

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    Even better, you write and publish anonymously on the internet and someone somewhere else, perhaps another country, claims that he is the author, telling people he knows to watch that blog because he's the author, and then one day you post your photo so your readers can see what you look like and suddenly his lie comes apart at the seems.

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