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    New Members Posting on the Creative Boards

    New members must now make 10 valid posts on the site, preferably in offering comments or critiques to the work of others, before they may post their own work.

    This measure has been taken as a result of forum flooding by some new members and others bumping their own work, when it's failed to receive comment, rather than try to earn feedback by commenting on the work of others.

    The site works on the basis that people get back what they put into it and the best way to get feedback is to become active in the community and get known by other members.
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    This should be stickied so folks can find it. So I think I will.
    How To Get Critiques On Your Work: WF is very much a give and take community, meaning the best way to get constructive critiques and comments on your work is to give them to others.
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