Intoxicated Mating Ritual

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Thread: Intoxicated Mating Ritual

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    Intoxicated Mating Ritual

    Hi Guys,
    This is only my second post here.

    An Intoxicated Mating Ritual

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    Hey, pretty cool. It looks Mayan. And welcome.

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    Hi Guys,

    My name is Will Jacques. I'm an illustrator, as you can see. Here's some more of my stuff:

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    I really like your work. I like detatched nature of everything. It conveys a sense of the detatchment and interconnectedness of everything. Do you do anything like this as a papercutting?
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    This is awesome!

    I agree with Joseph, it absolutely resembles mayan art.*
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    I draw freehand with a pen. I just start drawing and whatever happens, happens.

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    Stream of conscious, I use it as meditation. It's like a huge puzzle all the time. It gives me a headache. I never use a pencil, so there's plenty of room to screw-up.

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    Very nice work....I love it. Keep up the stream of creativity.
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    Writing from your soul takes everything that you are made of.
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