How much do Lulu charge?

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Thread: How much do Lulu charge?

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    How much do Lulu charge?

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    Precisely. Anyone who does their homework will know that. Among all the print-on-demand companies available, Lulu has arguably the best reputation and provides the author with virtually 100% freedom. The only downside is that printing books with them is expensive. Lightning Source (LSU) are much cheaper. In fact, they are the company Lulu uses to print novels. The problem with them is that you have to be a registered publisher to use their service. There is a way around it, but it involves a lengthy process of filling out on-line application forms and pretending to be a publisher. I've done it and wouldn't recommend it.

    CreateSpace are another option. They're U.S.-based, though, so unless your country has a tax agreement with the States you will lose a lot of royalties. They're about the same price to print a novel as LSU. Last I checked, they didn't operate outside the U.S.. Shipping might burn a hole in your wallet.
    I haven't had much luck with local publishers here in my country, not that we have a lot of publishers, or readers that support local writers for that matter (sad, really, seeing that despite the commendable work some of the Filipino writers put up, the readers here want the foreign ones). And I haven't really finished any of my manuscripts (nine and counting). But just out of curiosity: How much does Lulu charge on publishing on-line, you know, the e-book one? I mean, they have the same service as Amazon, right? I heard Amazon does the self-publishing service for free, yes?

    And on another note, say I did manage, by some good fortune that the planets lined up and I get to be lucky, to sell a few of those e-books, will I have to pay taxes to the American IRS? I live in PH, so they're not supposed to have jurisdiction over my income, or am I getting this wrong?
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    What I know about this issue is what I read online, so do some research before taking it for granted.

    If you don't submit a W-7 form to your chosen POD(LuLu or CS) they keep upward of 30% from your royalties for tax purposes. If you are in a country that has an active tax treaty with the US, I think the Philippines does, then you can apply the form. Your royalties are then give to you with out the deduction and you have to pay it in your respective country.

    Lulu vs Createspace: The Ugly Truth By MJ Preston
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    Since you put that link for Lulu vs. Createspace, I'd like to add that Createspace no longer uses the $39 pro-plan, as it says in the linked article. Everyone gets the deal for free now. (which is sort of aggravating for those of us who paid it.)



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