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    When writing speech between 2 or more characters do you have to put a full stop at the end? Because I always go:

    "Hi, Amy," said Jimmy
    "Oh, hey Jimmy," Amy replied
    "Got any gum?"
    "Nope, sorry. I just finished my last pack."

    At the end of the first two sentences do I need full stops?

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    No, you only put a full stop if it's followed by an action. "Hi Amy." Jimmy rubbed his eyes.

    It's always a comma when you follow it with a dialogue tag (he said, she replied), as you did in your first two examples; that's the correct thing to do. .

    Edit: Unless you mean at the end of "Jimmy" and "replied", in which case you do put full stops, yes.
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    Yeah that's what I meant, thanks

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    "Hi, Amy," said Jimmy.
    "Oh, hey Jimmy," Amy replied.
    "Got any gum?"
    "Nope, sorry. I just finished my last pack."
    I believe that is how it should be punctuated.

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    Ooooh ok thank you, cos my mum claimed I didnt need the full stops at the end lol

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    Ah dang, really? I use full stops most of the time.
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