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    Yarn Rules

    Apart from writing, knitting main thing that keeps me sane. I love knitting socks, and haven't worn store bought socks since I learned how to knit socks 2 years ago. I'm currently knitting a pretty stripey jumper for my daughter, and working on a number of items for charity. Yarn stores rival stationery stores for my spare cash.

    Are there any other yarn addicts around?

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    Quite apart from the fact that all that "knit one, slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over" makes my teeth itch, I don't think I'd be able to figure out how to turn the corner when I get to a heel.

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    I'm with you, I learned to crochet and ever since my kids groan if we head for the yarn section of the craft shop. They know I'll check out all the sales, window-shop all the pretty yarn that I could do something with, browse the patterns. I haven't crocheted for a while, though, for instance I'm sitting here with the laptop during some prime crocheting time. I'm getting behind on all my projects.

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    Ox, that's what patterns are for. I love knitting (and crocheting) as it makes a statement about the world and you can use such simple things to make functional three dimensional shapes. There are some very interesting Australian physicists (who are also chicks who crochet) who have used a particular phenomenon in crocheting (when you increase around a circle and it goes all wibbly instead of lying flat) to disprove portions of Euclidean mathematics.

    Foxee, my daughter is continually horrified by the size of my stash, mainly because I think she is imagining she will at some point have to give up her bed room. Frankly, the lounge room is a lot bigger

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    Yes! The yarn stash. I discovered this phenomenon when I stumbled into a Fibers class in college (I needed to fill out my schedule and was going to drop it, got interested and never did). I ended up buying almost $150 of mill ends. I lost the box when we moved.

    Incidentally, I have no discernible talent for knitting. Weaving or crochet seem to be the extent of what I can do.

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    I've never tried weaving, but I've been knitting and crocheting for over 30 years now - my mum taught me when I was a kid.

    I do love my stash - I find sock yarn in particular to be very irresistible.

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    Sock yarn is good! That would be better than making endless kleenex box cozies (I've never seen the point to those).

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    When I was a kid my sister taught me to sew on a button, but that was a long long time ago and I've forgotten.
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    I have had a huge spool of green wool that has lasted me for years. I use it for tying up plants, ideal because it simply rots down with the rest when it is thrown on the compost heap.

    My Gran used to knit socks in grey wool all the time, without a pattern. She would keep them in a bag and every so often go through it and put them in 'near enough' pairs, then decide which member of her family they might fit.
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    That's a great story Olly. People forget that it wasn't that long ago that everyone - children and adults - were being asked to knit socks for their boys at war. I don't tend to use a pattern for socks these days as I have one in the memory file, but there are plenty of really pretty ones out there. And masculine ones as well lol. I do tend to make a lot of socks as presents.

    Garza - just as well staples aren't in short supply lol.

    Foxee - I agree, there can be some pretty pointless (and ugly!) expressions of wool craft - toilet roll covers is another that springs to mind. I do love the idea of yarn craft as art. One of my plans for this year is to recreate a Monet painting in knitting.

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