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Thread: How does this cover look?

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    You have two choices, use their professional staff starting at $200.00 or use a template. Hopefully the sizing issue will be rectified when the sight comes back online. Personally i like the cover, just want to solve the sizing of the text and front/rear cover design.

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    I quite like it as it different with just the old Jolly Rodger, would personally prefer to see cutlasses, canon and the usual stereotypical 'Pirate' pieces, but that's cos I'm old! Also, if people don't like 'Episode One' why not just change it to 'The Beginning'. Would it work with an Olde English font perhaps?
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    It worked with Star Wars, I was way down in Mexico and saw a theater with a sign, Star Wars, Episodio Dos. I too wish I could add more to the art but when you are dealing with a pre designed template it just isn't possible. I do kind of like how the Jolly Roger wraps around the cover though, it's different.

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    I don't have a very good reference, just this goofy how to page, for this but I think when you use a colon in a title you only capitalize the first word after the colon. These guys say you always capitalize the last word of any title too. On all the books visible to me just now, they've all capitalized all the letters in all the words except of and the but none of them have colons.
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    This is how I'd do it --

    Vengeance *dramatic pause* A Pirate's Tale


    Vengeance -- Arrrrr! -- A Pirate's Tale.

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    I just broused about two hundred recent mystery covers on A good majority use all caps for the text on the cover and if there's a sub-title, it's seperated on the page somehow. None actually had a colon printed on the cover even though it's cited that way in the catalogue references.
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    Here's a book with a colon printed on the cover:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ditch View Post
    You have two choices, use their professional staff starting at $200.00 or use a template.
    Geez, they really saw authors coming there, didn't they? I don't like the lack of a DIY option. Templates drive me nuts.

    Edit: *groans at Joe's horrible horrible colon joke*
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    If I get to the point with Seven Miles on a Dirt Road that I want to make an ebook, I'll remember to avoid Amazon's Createspace. Which epublishers allow the writer to design his own cover?
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    They don't allow the writer to provide his own cover? That's so... restrictive...
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