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    An Odd World [Discussion Thread]

    By suggestion of Bazz- An Odd World ought to have a real discussion thread, (the original thread was an RPG thread in all but name, so I asked Like A Fox to change it).

    So, if you have any comments, questions, or discussions regarding An Odd World RPG then feel free to post them here.

    Link to the RPG thread-

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    This is indeed and fact, all my fault, so I blame ISW. He is the one who started all this. He is the one without conscience. He is the one with a mushroom obsession. He can not even bring himself to ask for a rubber room and a nice jacket with strappy arms.

    All I can do is ask for help, for socially responsible people to join in and bring a little sanity to this Odd World. We must stand tall in the face of adversity, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, nose to the grindstone, back to the wall, secretary on the knee.

    Oh for the love of chocolate, in this time of trial and tribulation, of hardship and sorrow, of poverty and personal abuse, we must all hang together, or we shall all hang wallpaper.

    See you in your nightmares. HA HA HA HA HA.

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    I do sometimes wonder who is more insane... actually, I don't. I'm quite sure it is bazz most of the time.

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    Bazz, honestly, by all means be insane in the rp, but insane in a logical way The train track I could just about accept, but you becoming a 50 ft giant, wacking poor, innocent Steven into the ground with a massive calculator, and scaling the empire state building, is not being insane in a logical way, nor is it being insane, it is just completely impossible. I'll post something tomorrow to explain how your character in infact off his head on magic mushrooms or somesuch and that, apart from the train track, things are still somewhat logical.

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    I am afraid that the train bit was my fault. Bazz did state in his first post where he mentioned the train that King Jeremy had started to vision (due to being concussed). I just decided to take it seriously and respond as though the train was actually there

    Since it was my fault to begin with I have written in a possible sollution to it Let me know if you think this will work.
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    I long for the day when MS stands for mystery solved!

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    Thanks Mistique Problem solved.

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    Oi, it was nice all of you joining in my hallucinations, and I was going to carry Lucifer ( Lucy to his friends ) to the top of the aforementioned building, then tumble to my death, and invent a new character who is not going to be stoned all the time.
    Now I will cogitate and see what I can do to make ISW's life even more interesting.


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