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Thread: A Journey to the Surface of the Earth (Discussion)

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    A Journey to the Surface of the Earth (Discussion)

    A Journey to the Surface of the Earth

    Approximately three centuries after the end of World War III, a group of survivors known as the Grounders have developed a civilization approximately twenty miles below the surface of the Earth. Prior to the global nuclear decimation of the planet's surface, a group of wealthy citizens with concern for humanity's survival organized an effort to build a subterranean city to house themselves and their families. From these "Fore Grounders" came the citizens of Coropolis, also known as Core City.

    Fifteen years before the beginning of our story, a rift developed between the Grounders. Known to the Grounders as Surface Rats, a sizable portion of Core City made the dangerous trip through the evacuation tunnels to the surface above. They found that nature had recovered from the nuclear holocaust, but for the personal insult given them by the Grounders, they have developed a hostile monopoly over any Grounders who attempt to resurface as well. Five years after the Surface Rats evacuated Core City, the evacuation tunnels collapsed, trapping Core City underground.

    Although there are plenty of resources for Core City to subsist for some time, the need to resurface is pressing upon the denizens. Consequently, Project Verne is born, and in the Steampunkesque society of Core City, they must craft the tools to reach the surface and crush the monopoly on their freedom.

    The two "worlds" in which the story takes place are uniquely different in their own ways. Core City is decidedly Steampunk (as mentioned before), and the world of the Surface Rats is more Apocapunk. While one carries Victorian steam technology, the other is an amalgamation of Dieselpunk and Clockpunk, without the influence of the World War II era.

    The goals of the groups are as follows:

    Build the equipment (using Victorianesque technology) necessary to get through the twenty miles of rock, soil, and who knows what else between Core City and the Surface.

    Surface Rats
    Build an established society to maintain the monopoly over the Grounders and--if and/or when the Grounders reach the Surface--defeat the uprising and save the Surface Rat society.

    It seems that we should discuss this based on who is interested and when they are able to post.

    Special Abilities

    This is up for discussion, of course, but I can't think of anything beyond the rules in the overview on roleplaying. There will be killing of humans, but as much as possible, these will be NPCs and the like.

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    Sounds really cool, count me in. I'd like to be a Surface Rat. Is there a forum for the actual role-playing yet?

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    This is an older thread. There is an ongoing RPG game now called Darkness Reigns.

    Join here:http://www.writingforums.com/rpgs/13...sible-rpg.html



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    Build the equipment (using Victorianesque technology) necessary to get through the twenty miles of rock, soil, and who knows what else between Core City and the Surface
    I would like to make a reference here to the Springhill mine disaster ( Springhill, Nova Scotia 1958 ) Due to a "bump" (underwater earthquake) a section of mine shaft collapsed trapping some miners in a pocket at the end of the shaft. The technique used to get them out was to take picks, cut the handles off to about a foot long, and then chop a crawl hole through to those who were entombed on the other side. I do not recall how far they had to go or how long it took (Wikipedia would have it) but 20 miles through rock with Victorian technology is going to involve a lot of exercise. As well I would suggest that they start right away.
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