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    Yeah, LOST was amazing. I'm not sure about the ending of LOST, I was one of those who actually thought: 'Hmm, actually, that wasn't too bad.' I think alot of people, because there were some seriously devoted fans out there felt it was a bit of a cheaty ending. But from seeing the opening pilot show, I was always asking the same question, 'how could these people survive a plane crash?'

    As for your story, it's a really good start. That's no problem, I hope my feedback was ok for you!
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    haha well my friend summarised it for me quite comically - "well, they're on this island, and all this really weird stuff is happening, and it keeps getting weirder... and so you keep watching because you want to know, all the while things that could not possibly be explained any other way start happening so you think it's going to be really deep and clever. and then BAM - they're all dead. how lazy is that?"
    i never watched it, i don't have the commitment to keep watching a programme once a week every week to keep up, i always manage to forget its on :p i much prefer following a season at my own pace so that you don't miss out. internet streaming for the win :p
    i'm glad you like it, and your feedback has helped thanks!
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    I'd agree with O_m on the most of the comment

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