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Thread: Is it healthy to constantly switch from one writing project to another?

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    I believe it is a discipline which can be learned. I started two novels which stalled out after about 20,000 words because I didn't stick with them on a daily basis. Then I finished my first book, The Legacy of Aaron Geist, after more than 4 years of on-again-off-again writing. It was like completeing a marathon. Last November I started my current novel and made myself sit down and work on it 6 days a week, one to two hours during the works week after my day job and 3 to 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. This has become a habit now. I actually feel unsettled if I don't get downstairs and start writing by about 6 PM each night. I'm 47,000 words into my current project and I know I'll have the first draft done by August. That's reassuring to know. Some days I get as few as 250 words hacked up out of my imagination, but on other days the muse is generous and I can get nearly 2,000 (a prodigious amount for me).

    If you really want to write that novel you must make yourself write even when you don't want to. All crafts take discipline to master and writing is craft as much as art.

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    If you want to tell a larger story, but find yourself wearing thin, maybe try setting several separate short stories in the same world, illustrating it for yourself and your readers, and then writing a full piece that takes place in that world when you are ready.

    If you still want to take on the novel, I would recommend that you try to write about five hundred words every morning, taking breaks on the weekends. It is definitely pecking away at a novel, but it is progress, and hopefully steady progress.

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    My writing teacher was telling me to work on no more than 2 books in a year, because yes, your brain will go 'oo! Shiny new idea! Something new to think about!' and drop the old idea like a hot brick. It means that nothing gets finished. Write down any plot bunnies for other books, then let them go.
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    I gotta ask: is that what you want to do? Go from unfinished project to unfinished project? If so, carry on. You're doing fine.

    If you're serious about finishing something that you can submit to market, pick one story and finish it. Then work on the next one. Then the next.

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