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    For a short story/novella I'm starting I need a name for a material which has magical properties. In the novel it is used to enhance humans, allow the use of magic, and fix imperfections in the body (making artificial limbs and animating them to the will of the user). Now, this material is similar to, if anybody has played, Final Fantasy 7's Mako/Materia. I thought of calling it Saphire, but that just doesn't really I just need a name, if you can afford to spare the time?
    What about Gold? I had a gold tooth once. In the world you're speaking of, gold doesn't need to be the same as gold in our world.
    In His Dark Materials, the word dust had a different meaning to our opinion of dust.
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    Is it important to know the name before you write? Can you just call it "Magic Stuff" for now, write the story, and then in revisions, see if there are elements in the story that lend itself to a name?

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    These are rather great ideas. And I do believe Fortissimo is latin? Either way I'd use staccato instead

    Thanks for the support and advice.
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