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Thread: Name of Magical Source?

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    *Sues Aaron for 15 for trying to starve a baby*

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    Fortissimo Lipide - Powerful Stone. (Unless google translator is lying )

    Edit: It's latin btw

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    Fortissimo to anyone who reads it and plays music will instantly think 'play really loud!' Lol.

    Maybe look at Reiki, which translated means lifeforce energy. Its a popular practice around the world for hands on healing. And again, it is scientifically studied, though science sometimes has a tough time deciding whether or not to accept something! Or alternatively pick a word and translate it from a different language as stated in the above post.

    Sanare = to heal
    Sanat = he heals
    Medens = healer, physician

    curatio = "healing" or "care"

    I tried to find something to convert the words into Enochian (language of the angels) but couldn't find a translator that was correct lol
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    Well, here's a constructive reply (even though the glib replies here does bring me a chuckle or two)... From my personal religious standpoint, certain gems and metals have magickal healing properties... but none that grow limbs, of course. But here is a list of healing gems and metals: Gem Stones Meaning & Symbolism
    Hope this helps and good luck with your story.

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    fortissimo is not a latin word. and the word for great, or at least the one that has the connoation of great is Magna.
    i don't know the word for stone. i think it's calx, but i think it denotes more of a pebble. anyway, i suggest finding japanese words
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    Fortissimo is Italian. From the Latin: fortissimus, fortis.

    My idea from this post, when I first read it, was immediately stolen by Joseph. I had the word 'goo' in my head. No what? Let's see...

    "Mana" is commonly used to describe a magical force. It's either Maori or from the Bible, one of those, and I'm too lazy to do a proper search at the moment.

    Shazzam and Scha-wing are both runners-up.

    More? Hmm... How about something obvious like: the Cigam Rorrim
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    Google translator lied to me then

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    Have you considered the word Mana? I believe it's an Angelo-Saxon word that stands for the concept of 'life force'. And it sounds nice, too~ ^_~
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    Mix sensations for magical effects, here you are not talking sight but the bringing to life of touch and movement, touchpower, touchlife, warmove, you get the principle?
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    There's nothing magick about growing new limbs. Don't salamanders or newts or something do it all the time? Maybe garza will come along and set me straight.

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