What's the rule for quoting long statements?

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Thread: What's the rule for quoting long statements?

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    What's the rule for quoting long statements?

    I am writing a fictional story about an underprivileged little girl going to a prestigious academy. I am at the point in the story where the principal is giving a tour of the academy to the family, and telling the history of the school.

    He is talking pretty much the whole chapter, with the parents adding in a question now and then.
    How do I quote the principal when he talks for longer than a paragraph?
    Do I just add new quotation marks at every paragraph??

    The teacher said, "This is where he starts talking"
    "Change of topic or location but still talking"
    "Another period of time still talking"

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    The principal began, "This is the main assembly hall, where our students have been known to gather and celebrate sports-related victories over the years. We have a proud tradition here of producing both academically and physically gifted students.

    "Now we come to the dorm rooms. If you're thinking of renting one for your son, I'm afraid they've all been taken for this year. But if you are interested I'll put your name down early for next year.

    "And here we have the first of our many state-of-the-art biology labs. I tell you, it's changed since I studied here. Back then, we had one lab, a couple of Bunsen burners, and a few tattered books."

    __________________________________________________ ____

    Every time the principal starts a new subject, you start a new paragraph but don't close the quotation marks in the previous one. This tells your reader that the principal is still talking but moving on to a different subject. Hope this example helps.
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