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    Cool Song Title Story Challenge

    This is a fun one that really puts your skills to the test!
    So, get out your mp3 player, and arrange the song titles on your player to make an interesting story. You may only use the titles of the songs, nothing else. I'm working on mine right now and will post it, but I want to see how ya'll did! Have fun and please participate!
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    My friend and I used to do things like that all the time. I will give it a go. Hopefully it wont take too long, but with an 8 month old little boy, time is pretty thin on the ground. I'll try it out once I've got him into bed this evening.

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    ​The best I could do was a poem.

    The mission to hell and back,
    Shot down in the light of the common day.
    When I come around,
    The world's on fire;
    Carry on in the courts of Jarisleif,
    A lifetime of war this side of heaven.
    Time floats on; as the ruin falls remnants of a lullaby heal me.
    Fare thee well,
    When night falls,
    Stars align as torches rise.
    We'll meet again, and on that day time sparks the reunion above all things,
    Gates of Cair Paravel awakening quite suddenly,
    No more shadows from the past.

    Phil Keaggy (11 titles), Sabaton (2 titles), Larry Norman (1 title), Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy (1 title), Turisas (2 titles), Narnia (4 titles), Green Day (1 title), DivineFire (2 titles), Lindsey Stirling (1 title), and Trans-Siberian Orchestra (3 titles)
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    Youth of the nation, try honesty.
    Heroes, break down the walls.
    Bad blood, prayer, demons;
    This could be anywhere.
    Break down the walls.
    Give it all, save yourself, move along...
    Lightening crashes when worlds collide.

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    Fire it up, the Flames within these black feathers
    Hard Rock Hallelujah, Invaders must die.
    Let the Sparks fly, Louder than words
    Megalomania Miss Murder.
    Open your Heart Paradise Lost
    Punch Drunk grinning soul Fate of sixty years.
    You know my name Wretches and Kings...
    One more soul to the Call, One piece at a time
    For the Win!
    The truthful lie and unbelievable are my wings so I walk among the skies.

    Come see a little through my eyes
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