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    This is a point I'd like to make to anyone trying out poetry, even if you're a profressional or new at writing poetry. I think to many people think poems are abstract or emotional abstraction. However, this untrue. I think poetry is the most honest form of writing. Poetry is more an emotion attached to a metaphor. It has nothing to do with being abstract, yes some are abstract...however, never forget poetry is an emotion attached to a metaphor.

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    Ah, I see people have played you like MC Hammer; "Can't touch this"

    Going from; "This is a point I'd like to make..." to "I think to many people..." Presents the first disconnect.

    If you are trying to make your point, by, bringing what you think other people think, and presenting it in supporting your statement, is fallacious. It may even be considered a straw-man argument.

    I'm not trying to invalidate what you say. Or say it is plus or minus. My comments only reflect on the presentation of the information.




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