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Thread: nature poems

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    in the fantasy land that is my mind.

    nature poems

    there is so much inspiration all around us, I think we should take advantage of it. this challenge is that you walk outside (or look outside your window) and pick out three things from nature and put them into a poem. the poem can be about anything, but it has to have those three things from nature in it. let's see if i get any replies on this!
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    in the fantasy land that is my mind.
    ok, apparently this is not much of a challenge, or everyone on here lives in the city. so allow me to add a new rule:the poem cannot be about nature. Maybe this will catch people's interest. I'll post the first one.

    as he walked down the street,
    an ill wind blew his way,
    he turned around and heard the sound,
    of police coming his way.

    he climbed up the wall, that stood so high,
    and ran upon the roof.
    but then he tripped, and didn't grip,
    his bag of precious loot.

    down it fell like leaves off a tree,
    down onto the ground below,
    and when it stopped, that cursed cop,
    grabbed him by the nose.

    Off to the jail he went,
    that is until next time.
    for you see, he'll always be,
    a man committed to crime.

    leaf, tree, wind, your turn.
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    I'm not sure if this qualifies as not about nature since it's about bow hunting, but here goes:

    A Bittersweet Victory
    The time was right after all
    The shaking hands showed me the call
    Branches and twigs send shivers
    We load arrows and stock our quivers
    As the moments tick by I can hear little voices prodding
    Glance at him, yes he’s nodding
    The string is tight
    If you miss this, think of tomorrow night.
    The heart is pounding
    Little whispers keep resounding
    Just let go, you’ve got to do it.
    Big brown eyes and then, release
    Whizz! And a slam, and oh yes you’ve got it
    That deer hide is the perfect fit
    In the leaves it makes its fall
    Shimmy over you’ve got it all
    An arrow in the heart,
    You’ve torn an animal's life apart
    Soft pats on the back; an exultant smile
    You and the bow have passed this trial.
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    The raindrop slid,
    a ball ready to burst,
    down the furrow of the big maple leaf.
    For a moment it hung
    from the tip and it quivered,
    caught sunlight, then fell to the earth.
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    a 4:30 oak
    bushy tail on high branch
    barking dog below

    I am The Crimson One

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    Very nice, Softscience!

    3 words: wildflowers, wildlife, forest

    Beyond fields of purple clover
    Where daisies bloom all over
    Spreading ferns are growing
    And icy creeks are flowing
    Through woods dark and deep
    Where deer and chipmunks sleep.

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    Since readers who come to this thread must like nature poems, I'd like to invite you all to read my new one, Blackberry Morning. It's a descriptive poem based on blackberries, morning, and a hilltop vantage point. So far it's had mixed reaction. I'd love it if you'd tell me what you think.

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    I catch the winter wind,
    for an instant cup it in my palm.
    Bending then my good ear
    toward the bowl, and
    hearing there no birdsong,
    I release the captive air.

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    supple and quaint
    autumn in fay
    dingles and rays
    cover the bays
    ripples of rain
    settle the claims
    that summer is nay

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    Box Elder Beetles

    With summers warmth subsiding
    Box Elder bugs abiding
    Hiding in my siding
    I wish them evil tidings

    Maudlin morphing muggers
    Tiny tumbling tuggers
    Crack and cranny huggers
    Nasty little buggers!
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