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    Feral, love the buggy poem. And I can relate!

    Nacian, lovely changing of the seasons poem.

    hearing there no birdsong,
    I release the captive air. -love the idea of catching the wind... very clever, Bloggy.

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    sitting by morning
    hearing the tweeting
    a bird of music
    filling the air
    such tick'tick' is rowling
    a sound in tuning
    the day is waving
    bathing in ting'ting'
    nature is shone

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    I ambled lonely as a cloud
    That drifts above the tall green trees
    When all at once I saw a crowd
    Of nasty, jumping, biting fleas.

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    LOL! Ox, love it!

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    3 things: Snow, Coldness, Darkness

    The crystals spread like fire,
    This chilling cold seeping in.
    From the depths, a deep desire,
    A desire that no light can win.

    The darkness keeps on spreading,
    the morning light long dead.
    The temperatures keep dropping,
    in the places of my head.

    The ground completely covered,
    this pure white sheet, a mask.
    Dead things beneath, undiscovered.
    but too cold for one to stay and bask.

    They freeze inside my hollow mind,
    fumble blindly in the dark.
    My dead secret they never find.
    All they leave is their mark.

    Alone, desolate, cold, and hurting.
    Freezing in my own darkness.
    Yet with this purity I'm hiding,
    with such amazing, final finesse.

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    Fragile life, you know me well
    Do you see me also? I cannot tell.
    Do you drift along like a sycamore child
    Do you burst like fungal spore, so unruly and wild?
    Do you cascade off of bent leaf and sharp grass blade?
    Do you come to rest on soil fine, a bed others have made?
    Do you crawl up beside your mother, oh child?
    Does she speak to you softly, heavenly and mild?"
    Do you know of me, small plant of greed?
    I clocked you first, you're for it weed!
    Fight me, we will spar till next morn!
    I'll hack and hoe till the curtains are drawn.
    Rest there in pieces, worthy adversary.
    But bother to grow again, and I'll make you know agony.

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    The icy cold
    of the wind on my skin
    As I watch the winter unfold
    Some days
    It's the cold of death
    Trapping me in a haze
    But sometimes
    It's the cold of life
    Freeing me from my confines

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