What would you be interested in?

Poll: In which of these RP threads would you participate?

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Thread: What would you be interested in?

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    What would you be interested in?

    Just trying to gauge level in interest for various settings of RP stories. I have posted a poll which includes the types I enjoy. Hopefully this will spark brain-storming for a future RP thread.

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    Alternative present, science fiction, and fantasy are my preferences.

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    I'm pretty open. Over the years I have participated in many different story lines, so as long as there is a good story I'm always ready to play.

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    I'd love to participate in a fantasy RPG, although I am a noob to this site. I have had experience in other in world RPG's(in Second Life I was in a few for a couple years)
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    in the fantasy land that is my mind.
    I've never done an RPG, but i would love to do one. I love Fantasy stuff as long as it's not too confusing.
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    I myself have always been a fan of medieval fantasy. Ravenloft would have to be my favorite DnD realm.

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    If anyone could make something similar to Fighting Fantasy books, I'd be game. I defeated the the House of Hell a week back and it made my mind hungry for more.
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    I have no interest in role-playing, I prefer the real thing, life that is. OK, I am a doddering old fart, but I never read Tolkein, Lewis or any of those when young; I don't remember reading Peter Rabbit or The Famous Five go to an Orgy or any other Enid Blyton books. I did read Saki, HH Munroe, Richmal Crompton, and Arthur Ransome... and Biggles of course.
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    I could go for anything, more partial to fantasy though.

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    The problem with a RP that's original (Not something with a strong community behind it eg; Star Wars) Is that each person must get a grasp as to the world, it's species and what type of characters can be found there. If a lot of thought is put into it a great continuity can come of it, but a lot of information would need to be shared and read by each participant. It does however have the 'thrill' of originality and the chance to partially shape that continuity as a player in it. -- That said a RP that already has a continuity set can also be made original, perhaps making an new part of the timeline that isn't seen in 'official' continuity sites etc. - Both have a great chance for RP potential!

    I'm babbling and I don't know why. Missed out on a lot of sleep recently. But I like all kinds of RP and making characters to fit them is the point I'm trying to make here, and being new to these forums I would very much like to become a part of a newly forming RP so what ever the outcome, count me in! ^^

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