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Poll: In which of these RP threads would you participate?

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Thread: What would you be interested in?

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    Count me in too. I really enjoy fantasy RPG's, anything could happen. THe problem that I have is that the story gets so twisted and I get lost and see no place where my character would fit in. If that could be kept under control I would really enjoy the RP better.
    Phelpster, if you post ten times you'll be able to post a thread, so if your planning to make a RP thread count me in that too.

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    Believe me, I'm working on it. I was so tired since I hadn't slept so reading what others had wrote was making me cross-eyes xD
    I've had a nice sleep now and I'm feeling nice and fresh so perhaps today will be the day I become a member ^^

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    Of those choices I would very much prefer Historical fiction as it provides a down to earth, personal look at the past. I love History but the 'Treaty of this' or 'Battle of that' is a pretty dry and remote approach to the available material. A little research and imagination can do wonders in bringing it alive.

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    As an avid RPer, I'd have to say that I honestly love all of those genres and more. We specialize in multi-genre, so really have to be diverse, though I'm forced to join none of them. It really broadens my horizons to play various roles and different characters and feels, even the speech between a pirate and a dwarf -- the smallest, most minute details you really dig into. <3

    Nothing clichè for me though. And nothing original-series concept. I'll write in the Star Wars Galaxy, but no one should be writing canons.

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    House of Hell! wow that brings back memories. That was one of the best FF books, along with Creature of Havoc and Deathtrap Dungeon. Are they still going? I know the last time read one I think they were on the 40th?

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    I like just about any book that transcends normal life, that doesn't involve aliens. lol

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    Even though the vote is closed i would definitely choose science fiction!
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    Why there isn't "all of the above" answer? I would participate in all those activities.
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    I like most all. I typically don't like the futuristic scifi stuff but I'm not opposed to it. I just haven't had good experiences. I guess my favorite is actually a brand of future scifi (ironically) which is alternative near future. But I really like fantasy as well.

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    Historic fiction. (Set in Ancient Rome, WW II ect...)
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