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    I used to sew as a younger man, I had to, my clothes got ripped a lot.

    I look at "sewing to repair" as a skill set like changing tires, fixing a toaster or re-directing a mugger into another line of work. All necessary survival skills.

    I have never made anything from a pattern, and I say that with some jealousy and envy. I knew a guy whose wife made his shirts. Nice stuff.

    Here's the irony, I polish dressmakers' scissors for a living...

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    As you can see by one of my previous posts, I'm definitely firmly a seamstress of a young age at 26. When I met my best friend 5 years ago, she was interested in sewing, but didn't really have the skills, and I didn't really have any interest in it. But together we've taught ourselves about it, and we've slowly gotten better and better.
    Mostly, for us, it's historical garments. Her brother is a director and we actually contributed to the costumes for a movie he did which was set in the 1700's. And I'm currently doing a renaissance style dress, tunic, and pants for a wedding (I should actually be working on it right now...) on commission. It's a time consuming hobby at times, but it's also very enjoyable and something that a lot of my coworkers, all in their 50's, are very impressed with.

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    It's a lost art, I feel. Be proud of what you do. It sounds like you not only have a vocation but you've found a niche' in life that brings you happiness.

    Edit: BTW, how are you at mending clothes that appear to have been in a war and run over by road grading equipment? I have some stuff my wife is about ready to truck to a landfill...

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    I have a friend who sews during our lectures and man is she talented. Makes me want to start :p

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    I sew a little, I'm planning to sew my girls' halloween costumes this year.
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    i can sew, not very good but i can patch a small hole in things or sew buttons back on, but what i specialise in is what the spanish say "bridar" it is also with thread and a needle, just heat resistant food grade thread and a bigger needle (sometimes).
    if someone could help me out with the proper name for this is english it would be apreciated. more or less imagine a chicken that is tied up for roasting, or a stuffed quail to seal its skin so the stuffing dousnt fall out.

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    I love sewing, I just don't get much time for it!

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    I have sewed a bit here and there but have not done it for a while. I remember my grandmother taught me how to sew buttons on. I would love to go back and relive that night.

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