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    Just me talking as me here, garza, but sometimes your posts are overly personal about your life, and it can be a lot of biography for people to wade through if they just want to hear the argument.

    There was this one guy I used to debate here, spar with more like, called Writ (he vanished, hope all's well), and instead of actually debating me, he'd just riddle off his credentials as to why he was the smartest person in the best position to judge these matters, and we should all just take his word on things. I mean. . . it's impossible to even debate someone who refuses, in essence, to debate. "Well I've been studying English for years and my professor tells me that I have superb English skills and blah blah blah so there." He didn't even say anything!

    Not that you're like that, but it's still a fallacy in terms of debate to praise/bash any of the arguing parties, including one's self. To even reference the parties. Only the arguments matter. (This is so far as I've always understood the rules of debate. Not that I'm an expert.) If someone gets piqued it's usually easy to spot because they start getting huffy about their credentials when they should be presenting arguments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garza View Post

    A major problem is my continued refusal to accept the artificial line of demarcation drawn between what makes good writing in fiction and what makes good writing in non-fiction. I believe I can make a case for the continuum that holds both Dan Brown's Digital Fortress and the UNDP 2001 Human Development Report titled Making New Technologies Work for Human Development.

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    This thread was opened with the stated intention of discussing the development of the author's voice. If it is going to continue as merely an attempt by any party to justify comments and arguments that developed in another thread then it will be locked.

    For future reference, be clear about this; people may differ in their critiques of a piece of work. Regardless, the rule is to criticise the work on offer, not the critiques of other people. It is up to the author to decide what advice will be accepted and what will be rejected. "Like a Fox" has stated this already, it is a general rule and there is not a justifiable argument against it. Despite what the Ox says, there is no need for an interpretation but there is a need for people to understand, take notice and not to repeat what happened. The argument that arose in the thread that has been mentioned may well stop a new member from using this site again.

    If people want to continue this thread as an actual discussion of "finding a voice" then it will remain open. If it continues along the path it's been taking then it will close.

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