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    Self-Publishing Review

    Anybody interested in being an author/publisher should give this site a look.

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    Interesting read, indeed. I am currently writing an online work, but the end goal (barely perceptible as a glimmer on the horizon at this point) would be a book and/or ebook, so I've bookmarked this.

    This caught my eye on the first page---
    Readers are no longer restricted to what business people with a payroll to meet consider marketable.

    I'd never seen it couched in those terms before, but I see it as insightful. From now on I will probably read phrases complaining about the wildcat, "un gatekeepered" self-publishing as really meaning this: not mass marketable, and therefore not any good.

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    Actually that is a good point. I was reading an article from an agent the other day about the danger of self publishing. It was that there would be a Slush Pile that usually gets trapped with Agents, filtering the bad and the good, to the self publishing world. I guess it will end up being the same as when Web 2.0 came out and EVERY ONE had a profile or blog. There is a lot of static out there. It's inevitable it's going to hit the publishing world.

    I think it's going to be a case of marketing to a niche...
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    Well, I have considered self publishing at times before as a viable option for publishing my book but have the best option to release my book would be to find an ideal professional publisher and get the proper editing and marketing treatment I cannot do myself. I have so far read only one book in my life that was self published and I thought that particular book really, really needed a good editor.
    I suppose self publishing is fine, as long as one can self market and self edit as well. There will be a lot of heart break if a self publishing author does not realize this. I mean, the same is somewhat true with traditional publishing but still, self publishing isn't something I can get into.
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