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    Monday I had gone off to visit a friend and I got a call from the missus to ask if I was close by and could pick her up, she had been in an accident. I was miles off, but of course I drove home anyway. Turned out she was overtaking a small lorry which had been going very slowly and just as she accelerated he turned right into a private drive without indicating. She hit the brakes so hard she burst both front tyres and the back wheel dented the floor pan, then hit the lorry with the nearside front, the car is a write off. Luckily it is an almost new one that she treated herself to when she inherited a bit of money and it did what it was supposed to so she was not hurt, but it has left her very shaken for most of the week and has kept me tied up as the family transport.

    I was running my daughter to school the other day and put on a tape of an old Andy Kershaw session I had recorded from the radio. My daughter was amazed "You could record straight from the radio?" Funny how the new, improved CD technology can't do that, and podcasts are not really the same as catching the top twenty on a Friday night with your finger on the pause button to cut out the idiot DJ, happy memories.

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    1) Tyres that burst under braking? Doesnít exactly engender confidence in the tyre-makerís product. Or were they under-inflated? And that denting the floor pan: thatís the type of thing that only happens at high speed. Are you sure your missusís name isnít Moss or Fangio?
    2) http://forums.audioholics.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-14043.html

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    We went back and measured for the insurance claim, from where she got vision and started overtaking to where she hit him was about 35-40 yards, he was going dead slow, about 20mph. She has, sorry, had a 2.0ltr Seat leon 18 months old so if she put her foot to the floor, first on the accelorator then the brake, she probably was doing about 45-50mph when she started braking and got it down to about 10-15 in 15 yards or less, she is one of those people that always wins games that depend on reaction time. Looking at the damage to the front wing she cant (Bloody ellipse) have been doing any more than that. I would say that was pretty good, and to hell with the tyres, it would have killed me on a motorbike, and as she said "Thank God no-one was trying to follow me through".

    Now STOP typing and rest that damned shoulder.

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    I'm glad that she is okay, the car can be replaced.
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    Man she must have hit those brakes hard! Glad shaken is all she is, and not hurt.
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    That was exactly how I felt ladies.


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