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    Liquid Story Binder is good. There's a free trial for it.

    Doesn't help you write or anything like that, but it is a word processor, organizer, planner, etc. where you can plot, keep character dossiers, write scenes and then use the builder function to put together a manuscript from scenes or chapters, changing up the order if you feel like it. It's pretty useful, imo.

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    I like the usual paper in front of me and yellow papers in pinned on the cardboard wall. I may consider tissue papers a better software. haha, but if anything else Mword can suffice.
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    I still write freehand a good portion of the time. If I am on a computer, I like a full-screen editor so I'm not distracted to click on other programs (like my web browser or something). Liquid Story Binders has that feature, or you can use a free program called WriteMonkey (or Pyroom, if you use Linux).

    The guy who wrote Liquid Story Binder also has a free program called momentum writer, which doesn't allow any kind of backspace or correction, just forces you to write and worry about editing later. Some people have found that useful.

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    Another one very similar to writemonkey is Q10.
    You can find it at;

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    Thanks, Pilgrim. I downloaded Q10. I like it.

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    Out of curiosity I downloaded Q-10 expecting to see the usual boxes for a person to fill out pretending they are writing.

    Q-10 is Notepad with a reversed screen and some word-processor features. However it lacks the ability to turn off wordwrap so it's less useful than Notepad for some purposes. At least, I didn't see a toggle for wordwrap. I did see little reason for changing from Notepad for straight writing.

    And I just thought of someting else. Q-10 does not permit multiple open files on the screen. I often have three or four Notepad files open at once, one for writing, the others for reference.
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    I use ywriter5 which is from spacejock. I love it. It is so easy to use. You can make outlines, character bios, word target goals, and there are other features like a storyboard, and it creates a syopsis for you. It makes all my planning easier but of course for some writers it might not be what they need.

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    ywriter is one of those busy-busy-busy programmes that creates the illusion of progress while no writing gets done. Again, Notepad is far superior. I can set up as many or as few open files as I want and use them as I like. I'm not tied to someone else's structure.
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    To you it might be very busy but I have gotten plenty of writing done in ywriter. I am one of those writers that has to make outlines and map out my characters before I can write or my writing is all over the place. Just because the software doesn't work for you that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work for anyone else. Ywriter is marketed towards fiction writers since you write non-fiction, from what I have read so far in this thread, you would have no use for it. That is why there is so many different programmes for writers so writers have a choice in which one is best for them.

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    Well, not quite "use them as I like". You can only open one at a time, right? Christ if you're going to write in crippleware like that, at least try Notepad ++
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