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Thread: Change of venue due to rain

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    Change of venue due to rain

    I have been staying up till the wee hours of the morning for the past couple weeks in order to get enough stuff done for the craft fair this weekend. Yesterday I get a message that it has been canceled. Now normally rain wouldn't cancel anything, this is Oregon, but there are several inches of standing water on the fair grounds.

    So I relax, I have several projects in the various stages of completion but no hurry now. I figured I had another month to finish them. Plus I didn't even have labels or hang tags designed or printed up.

    Then later in the evening my friend stops by, who is one of the organizers, and says that they just changed venues. So I wasted a whole day doing nothing and now I have to work twice as hard to get caught up. I was up till 2 am designing labels. If I was a little more computer literate then it wouldn't have taken so long.

    Just a little rant, feel free to ignore. If you are in Oregon and headed towards Detroit Lake along Hwy. 22 stop by and say hi. You can't miss it, it's right off the hwy in Mill City. I'll be there with bells on, maybe literally if I can find my belly dancing scarf.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~Plato

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    nice, you probably set too higher expectation of yourself
    i can say that with some authority, as i tend to do that
    i would pop on over, but i'm like a gazillion miles away

    and it's been raining here all day, i don't like winter

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    You're right ash, I am so hard on myself, especially when I am doing something new to me, outside of my regular comfort zone.

    We had a great day. It was sunny, I got burnt. I sold a ton, made more in that one day than I have so far at VS. I really love these fairs.
    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~Plato

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