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Thread: What is Poetry

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    How about; "bringing the experience of reality within a structured verbal form" ?
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    I take it Prose Poems are not recognized as poetry but perhaps only as tight prose.

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    To define poetry is to limit it. Why would anyone want to do that? That's the real question. The only way to define poetry is to write a poem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
    From Open University-Approaching Poetry
    just taking part of the quote from the opening post

    "Some might say that the form and content of art, in this case poetry, is untranslatable."

    Art is an expression of inner-self which only the artist has a clear idea (or not) of what they want to express through whichever medium they chose. To me poetry is like viewing an abstract painting: words painted on the page instead of shapes. The colours in a painting are the poetic language the poet uses to convey the image and paint a picture in the reader's mind.

    So can we translate poetry? No, I don't believe we can any more than we can translate an abstract painting. However, unlike a painting, poetry is not flat on the page, the poet has many poetic devices on his palette, so when we read aloud it is like music and the reader listens to rhythm, assonsonace, sibilance etc.

    Sometimes, I stand back in awe when I read critiques which say... the poem means this, that or the other and I feel inadequate because I cannot translate the poem.

    Quote Originally Posted by TL Murphy View Post
    To define poetry is to limit it. Why would anyone want to do that? That's the real question. The only way to define poetry is to write a poem.
    Tim, your comment leads me back to my dilemma what is the different between Prose poetry and Prose? And can you define prose poetry?
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    PiP, I've given up trying to define anything and just write what I want to. Several times here I've written what I thought was poetry only to have someone say it's not. Don't drive yourself crazy; back in the 60's we "did our own thing." I think it still works.
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