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    I'll ask your question in the staff room, MacDub and provide a link to your post. Someone who knows more than I do should be able to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDub View Post
    Is it possible to have the title of an existing thread altered? I ask because I've been having fun with some 100 Word challenges and there are different varieties available, like 'use a suggested word from the previous post and leave a suggestion of your own'. There was one for 'exactly 100 words without using any word twice'. Very challenging. I'm sure there are others buried in there, but it is confusing when all the different versions are just titled '100 Word Story'.
    The answer is yes, just send a note to the moderator of the section or to one of the supervisors here on the site. For some reason this particular section does not have a Moderator so you would have to send a note to a supervisor.

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    Okay, what would you like the title changed to? Will the change affect the opening post?
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